Restore Sloop Sully D ! - A Community Boat Project

by Zackary Cain in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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The full restoration of 1960 Sloop "Sully D" bought for one pound !

by Zackary Cain in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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Hi everybody,

My name is Zackary.

I run an ongoing community led project called Homeward Bound which aims to build confidence and well-being through the primal howling of traditional sea shanty songs across south east England.

and thank you for checking out my Crowdfunder campaign.



It is both my dream and intention to fully restore a beautiful boat that I bought for one English pound, bringing her back to seagoing glory.

Whilst turning it into a community led project that I feel will provide great and positive effect and hopefully even inspiration to everyone involved.

A truly and positively life affirming effect that I, and everyone in attendance, have had the great pleasure to witness first hand at the Homeward Bound sessions.


Homeward Bound Is a community motivated project I began four years ago, that uses a capella folk and sea shanty bawling across various venues across the south east, to gather people together. 

Building confidence as well as my humble efforts to debunk the all too common "I'm not musical" narrative, and hopefully, improving mental wellbeing and self confidence. 

Whilst picking up some nautical history along the way!

Through the sessions I have been witness to profound moments of humanity, young and old, and all sharing the same room and the same songs whether its in the form of a welsh hymn, rowdy songs of the sea or even the protests of passionate ramblers back on land. The positive and tangible effect I see happening to people through the workshops, gives me a huge sense of purpose, self worth and confidence.

I feel very lucky to have finally found a use for the neurodivergent energy and sensitivity I have at times felt cursed to possess!



As you can see to the right of my campaign page.....

For your help and support, I am offering up rewards that could be fun, joyous, inspiring, or even useful to you.

This project is, I feel, a culmination of a lifetimes work, struggle and aspirations 

Thats why I am determined to make this story and adventure be realised.


having gained a strong sense of self worth and confidence through the community based projects I have set up, as well as in my recent creative pursuits and services,

I feel confident enough to match your pledges and support, with what I can offer to you in return....

For example....

Photobooks I have made...


Inspirational and BORE FREE music tutoring for beginners on guitar, bass, piano ...





for those who are looking for a wild and fun group experience....

there is also the offer of sea shanty experiences for you and your pals for stag, hen or team bonding times!


Happy Days!

Why wouldn't I want to share the experience with people who could really benefit from it?

There is so much to learn, not only for myself, but for anyone who gets involved, about all aspects of traditional boat building. 

From boat maintenance to, carpentry and engineering, and just as importantly, working together with other people towards a main objective as well as a common goal, where positivity and problem solving skills are all useful



  • Engine reconditioning and possible replacement 
  • Rudder bracket replacement
  • Sea coq's serviced
  • Complete topside woodwork and gel coat sealing
  • Two month boatyard costs to include the taking down and returning of the mast and boom as well as lift out into and from boatyard
  • Complete rigging service
  • All marine electrics and battery replacing ad rewiring
  • Sails reconditioning
  • safety equipment including radio and all RYA trusted and tested equipment 
  • safety railing around the boat
  • general large sanding and varnishing work of which there is much
  • All of the costs and labour from the specialists I will need to employ.
  • ongoing mooring fees whilst working on the boat
  • crisps and pop!


Time is of the essence with this project, there is just over a month duration for this and so if you are feeling to help the cause then please do act soon 

  • Make a pledge towards the project and choose your golden reward! (I will be in contact to arrange dates if it is a tutorial or service based reward)
  • If the rewards don't grab you , then any donation large or small will be amazingly helpful
  • Share the page and help me spread the good word! Please contact me directly through here and I will gladly send over to you a straight ready laid out post with links etc to make your life as easy as possible. No dramas
  • If you feel you would like to help the cause and would like to play a part running it, (say, if my page design, or articulation doesn't exactly suit your shoes (totally get it) Then, for the greater good, you have my absolute blessings to start your own page that is linked to this. Lets talk!

I will be updating everyone that has participated in the campaign throughout the coming weeks and if you have any questions for me or if you'd even like to physically get involved on this wonderful journey then please get in touch!

Wish me (and all those who may help) luck - Onwards comrades!

Thanks again for checking out my page.

Much love

Zackary Mckraken

Homeward Bound



This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Street Photography Postcard Print

If you like any image from my street instagram page based at @zackarycains Then I'll send you a postcard print with personal greeting on the reverse!

£15 or more


A cassette edition EP I made during self isolation during lockdown when I camped in the garden of my house share for my COVID experience....consisting of four songs recorded with only a cracked iPad and using earphones for a mic around the fire. Fuelled also by the suicide of a dear friend Mark Reynolds for whom it is dedicated and who sadly took his life on day two of my isolation. YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

£20 or more

WHITEHAWK ABC Boxing Club - Photo Zine

A personal project. Shot in 2020 Whitehawk ABC Boxing club. Run voluntarily and without the help from the council or other funding, by a man called Gary who is a plasterer by day and boxing trainer by night. The club, located under a social housing block in the estate of Whitehawk on the edge of Brighton, is a surrogate heart and guiding light for many of its members. The Photobook is printed on Xerox photocopier and contains 26 images.

£20 or more

TOAD Rag - Xerox Photo Zine - Issue #1.

Toad in the Hole A traditional East Sussex tavern game that's making a comeback. Shot on Black and White film and printed on Xerox photocopier. This collection of photographs was shot on the first Hand in Hand pub tournament, where it could be argued, launched the reinvigoration of a former pub tradition to ridiculous popularity spanning across the county of East Sussex.

£30 or more

Anyone can play guitar ! Bore FREE Guitar tutorial

Let me put 30 years of shred to good use here and give you TWO HOURS of 121 Beginners Guitar Joy online OR in person Always wanted to play the guitar but the lessons put ya off? Boring fingers ouchy ouchy? Before you give up entirely Let me show you the way... TO LEARN to play the guitar learning THE SONGS YOU LOVE.

£30 or more

Musical Saw Lesson 2 x Hour 121

Ever wanted to play the Musical Singing Saw? Or pull out some magic around the campfire and woo that special one that's got your heart..... Well, I will show you how! It's easier than it looks and if you have a saw of your own to practice on, I will help you make it sing like a beautiful spirit grandma.

£50 or more

Photographic Print

A3 or A4 photographic print Are the walls of your home too quiet ? Or perhaps you would like to see the world through someone else's peepers Come into the gallery of @zackarycains on instagram and if there is a picture you like, let me know and I'll send you a hi quality print

£50 or more

I'll write you your very own unique sea shanty

Let me write and record your very own sea shanty sailor work song that you can send as a gift to someone special or just simply to cherish in a salty reverie all on your own! Give me a quick brief and I'll compose ye a hearty ditty and send as a video file that you can pass on. Great for those last minute birthday moments or even if you're trying to woo an octopus

£150 or more

Homeward Bound Private Sea Shanty Experience

FOR BRIGHTON AND SURROUNDS ONLY 1 x hour wild and primal sea shanty session for your party Got a party or a group o pals that was to do something unique and memorable that's gonna bring you all together? LOOK NO FURTHER! Using our classic songbooks and a

£250 or more

The FULL LANDLUBBER Sea Shanty Experience !

For this pledge you can book me in to your party plan and I will provide you and your crew with a nautically themed venue (if Brighton Bound, or will travel to you ) provide fishermen beanies, rum, songbooks to learn the art of sea shanty and set you away with polaroids of you and your crew away with togethered and bonded hearts!

£500 or more

The FULL AT SEA Sea Shanty Experience!

Want to take you and your crew out to sea to bawl your merry hearts out on a special occasion? I will charter a ship that coasts from pier to pier in Brighton, whilst providing rum for the courage, fishermens hats for the look, songbooks and group polaroids of you and your crew to take away with you along with a sense of true hearty bondin! *weather pending

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