Save Jannat & Protect Our Planet via #MLKIHAD

by Lovedesh in London, England, United Kingdom

Save Jannat & Protect Our Planet via #MLKIHAD


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Buy The Lovedesh Tee & Save Jannat, aged 5, Victim Of Modern Day Fashion Slavery and fund Lovedesh's solution to Protect Our Planet #MLKIHAD

by Lovedesh in London, England, United Kingdom

"But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice." (Dr King, August 28, 1963). MISS YIY YT CHANNEL LOVEDESH NEWS  YC TWITTER

On August 28, 2020, it will be the 57th anniversary, when Martin Luther King (MLK) delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech. 

It was this part of his speech that has inspired all of us at Lovedesh, to help the millions of "slaves" in the poorest parts of the world, who are often working for others in fashion, manufacturing, retail supply chains. Suffering at the hands of man-made disasters and tragedies.

The Lovedesh #MLKIHAD is a 60 day fashion campaign starting today. This campaign will raise funds to protect the rights of the oppressed and support our mission to protect our planet by funding some of the solutions created by us, to help on each of the following issues:

  • Modern Day Slavery (racism, sweat shops, exploitation of the poorest workers and supporting #BlackLivesMatters).
  • Rohingya + Sufer Girls
  • F**** Poverty 
  • Hidden WWII Heroes x Hate2LoveCollective  


For just £36, you can help begin to fund the some of the solutions by buying limited edition ethically made t-shirts we have designed for each of these causes.  


Lovedesh, led by British mother and daughter design duo, Yasmin & Amber, is leading this campaign. It is a new British ethical luxury brand on a mission to protect our planet.  The design duo have created the world's"kindest and rarest" t-shirt, the Lovedesh Tee blessed by survivors of one of the world's worst fashion tragedies - Rana Plaza. 

It's RRP is £113.36 - you can find out more about why it is deemed the "kindest" and "rarest"- but during this campaign it is on special offer for £36. 

Introducing The #SaveJannat Campaign

The first recipient of our campaigns is Jannat - a Bangladeshi girl aged 5, one half of twin girls, whose parents were victims of Rana Plaza.  Jannat needs to come to London for medical treatment as she has kidney related issues.   With her parents permission and support we hope her story is a rally call to the global fashion sector, to change.  



1. #SaveJannat 

Jannat is a Bangladeshi child. She is our first top priority. Despite some hospital treatment under Covid 19, she is not getting any better. 

I will raise funds to bring Jannat and her parents to London for treatment to help save her life. By funding her private treatment.

She is aged 5. She is a lovely little girl. And she and her family are victims of modern day slavery created by foreign fashion brands. 

Jannat is suffering from issues related to her kidney. Amber and I have already personally donated money to buy blood bags for her. 

Her parents are Ohidul & Moryam, who were former Rana Plaza garment workers who already fell victim of modern day slavery at the hands of corrupt fast fashion brands. With devastating consequences. 

Here is the picture of them as a family they want you all to see. And why funding this #MLKIHAD campaign will help rescue their little girl and change the global fashion supply chain to prevent more families falling victim to modern day slavery.

The Rana Plaza Bangladesh factory collapsed in 2013, and 1,136 (according to survivors) were killed when the building they were working in, on pittance wages, and horrendous health and safety conditions, collapsed.


A black and white photo of a crowd  Description automatically generated

(Photo by Salahuddin Ahmed) 

Thousands more were injured. Some dead bodies to this day have not been recovered.  This includes Moryam's sister, who was Ohidul's sister in law and aunt to Jannat - Shameli.

Here she is. Moryam has given me permission to show her face.

Jannat's mother, Moryam lost her young sister whose body to this day has never been found.  The only reason she survived is because she did not go to work that day. But Ohidul did - and he survived after hiding under a sewing machine.  He is also one of the most bravest man I've ever met. And what does he do - he also flies out to help earthquake victims Nepal as he told me this "after I became a victim, I could not bear anyone else suffering, I knew I had to help others".

He (and many others) are in need of mental health support. And by bringing him to London, I plan to help him get treatment, from the best Doctors who handle traumatised patients. So he can one day work for Lovedesh. 

Jannat reminds me of the story of Malala and her brave courage to challenge corrupt evil men who tried to destroy her life just because she wanted to study.  

Well Jannat's story is similar as it possesses themes of deprivation, injustice but this time at the hands of a handful of a few corrupt Bangladeshi citizens and foreign fashion brands.  

However, we simply have no more money to help assist her parents or to fund Lovedesh, as it is in danger of collapsing, due to the actions of a few selfish, greedy and corrupt individuals, who since April 2020, damaged our global human rights campaign #IRemember1136.  

(You can find out more information here, soon, when the link goes up, on who and what happened.)  

And the story of Jannat's family  while it is tragic. It is one of hundred of millions who are poor.  

Is it enough to just save Jannat? No. As there are so many more Ohidul's Moryam and Jannat's I know.    

Take single mother Shaati (pronounced"shah-tee"), a Bangladeshi seamstress I have been mentoring for over 10 years - who is at currently risk of homelessness. 

Then there is Ali, rickshaw driver, disabled.  

And why I've been working desperately to help find alternatives to fast fashion that also gives dignity and a sustainable income to those in the global supply chain across Asia and Africa.

And I have found it. It is called Lovedesh. 

2. Pay London Living Wages - whenever possible but at the very least Living Wages

3. Raise funds to launch Lovedesh's solutions globally 

With the help of #IRemember Lovedesh Tee series I will fund Lovedesh, to raise funds for other good causes.  That we care about. 

  • Modern Day Slavery (racism, sweat shops, exploitation of the poorest workers and supporting #BlackLivesMatters).
  • Climate Change (impact on planet, plants, wildlife)
  • Global Poverty 
  • Domestic Abuse - a key killer in our society
  • Refugees 
  • Corruption

4.  Open a Lovedesh Rana Plaza shop, Bangladesh. 

We will begin dismantling the impact of fast fashion and unethical campaigners, who we believe are at the root of modern day slavery in global fashion sector, worth $3 trillion. I plan to help a shop owner called Roni, to sell Lovedesh products near Rana Plaza, in order to give jobs to those in the area.  And to remind everyone that change is now here. 

5.  Establish artisan workshops in London, Bangladesh and other cities in Africa & Asia.  

Lovedesh will provide more jobs by creating ethical range of luxury products.

In doing so, their arrival helps me platform the voices of these former garment workers such as her parents and many others, who in 2019, had begun to collaborate on plans using the Lovedesh Tee, that I was developing to deliver solutions to some of the biggest problems in the world. Such as modern-day slavery, climate change, poverty and domestic abuse.

6. Help fund our new ethical luxury Lovedesh Atelier collection

Aimed at fashionistas, VIP, red carpet events from 2021 (online if social distancing is still in place). We plan to create and build a workshop in London as well as across hubs in Africa and Asia so that one day we hope to pay hopefully, artisans and seamstresses London living wages as well as benefits such as life insurance and healthcare. 

7. Legal threats.  After exploring poverty in UK Bangladesh, I have compiled evidence of unethical conduct. I will use the funds to help defend any legal threats coming our way, for having published evidence on unethical conduct in the campaigning, fashion sector and many others, which I believe is in the public interest. As well as to fund a legal defence team, who will represent me in any dispute in court.



1. DONATE to the campaign and help us. 


Choose from any one of the 2020 #IRemember collection series- heck buy all of them limited edition 2020 series before production stops permanently.

3. SHARE our social media posts on all platforms Facebook, Twitter, Insta, TikTok to spread the word. 

Simply cut and paste the following:

Help Yasmin & Amber rescue Jannat, aged 5, a victim of modern day fashion slavery AND fund Lovedesh to Protect Our Planet And People #MLKIHAD 

4. SPONSOR US  If you are a corporate, brand, or VIP - please fund us. 

Background To The Lovedesh Tee - pre-order it for yourself or for a loved one

Priced only £36 for the duration of this 60 day campaign. It's RRP is £113.36.  (All our prices only ever use these digits in order to remember those who died in the run a Plaza factory collapse.)

We have created the limited edition Lovedesh Tee series, which we believe is the world's "kindest & rarest" t-shirt to be ever made. Each year the designs will change on April 24, 2020. In order to fund the dismantling of some of the major killers that is hurting modern society today.

Modern Day Slavery (racism, sweat shops, exploitation of the poorest workers)

Climate Change (impact on planet, plants, wildlife)

Poverty (cause of addiction, abuse of society's most vulnerable)

Domestic Abuse - a key killer in our society


The Limited edition 2020 editions, RRP (£113.36) will stop selling at 11.36pm, 24 April 2021.  You can buy yours now for £36.

Limited edition - These will stop being sold on April 24 2021, at 11:36 pm GMT. Whoever wears this, you will show the world you are standing up to bullies. 

100% organic cotton made by women in a worker owned factory or those whose wellbeing we check on - personally. 

%age of sales donated to causes related to each campaign.

Look at the cute labels. 


1596306863_lovedesh_neck_label_irl.jpgIn 2019, I created the world's "kindest and rarest" ethical remembrance T-shirt. The first one I designed, #IRemember1136,  was in remembrance of the survivors of Runner Plaza. You can watch more here on the story of how and why this t-shirt is most ethical.

The Lovedesh Tee series will help raise funds for each of our campaigns that will deliver solutions to problems causes by modern day slavery, poverty, climate change, domestic abuse and corruption. 

Each t-shirt, features the Lovedesh "equity" crown logo, as well as slogans to support the various problems we plan to solve.

A hashtag slogan at the front. And at the back an original artwork, that's unique to each campaign, created by us and approved by grassroot survivors, who work with us to check and make sure we do right by them.


We then recruited Lovedesh ambassadors, incredible human beings who are change-makers, from all around the world.

Here are some of them.

We only allow those who are delivering good, to model a Lovedesh Tee. Because we are also on a mission to redefine luxury and beauty.

Here are some more future plans that a Lovedesh will be undertaking in order to disrupt and smash the corruption currently within the fast fashion and ethical fashion campaigning sector.

If reading all this, you are moved or angry as I am, please share this campaign, and urge the world to donate to help Jannat and help fund Lovedesh.

A personal message written by Yasmin Choudhury, British Actress & CEO /founder of British ethical luxury brand Lovedesh)


I am Yasmin Choudhury.  A British woman. A single mother. 

I am the Founder, Creative Director & CEO of Lovedesh, a new ethical luxury British company. On a mission to POP (Protect Our Planet).  

We are a London based British mother and daughter design duo. And supported by a cohort of grassroots individuals and campaigners across the world.  We are all very fed up at how not enough is still being done to protect our planet. 

I am also a British actress who runs a not-for-profit theatre, performance, production company called Hate2Love Collective. We use arts to heal broken hearts.

To the right of me in this photo is my teenage daughter Amber. She has been by my side since she was 8.  We took this picture when in September 2019, we travelled to Bangladesh to explore how to protect our planet - and visited the Northern wildlife eco-wetlands for one of our fashion shoots.  

We have spent 10 years working at grassroots to explore poverty back in our home country of UK as well as Bangladesh. 

I am proud to announce Lovedesh is launching a new global human rights campaign, inspired by Martin Luther King and called #MLKHAD (Martin Luther King I Have A Dream).

It is my honest, humble opinion that the solutions I have created, will start to change the lives of up to millions of garment workers in the global fashion supply chain. Sadly many are victims of modern day slavery. 

I have won awards before I even began to launch it. 

The more we work to understand the problems faces by the poorest working in the global fashion supply chain, the more horror stories emerge. I possess evidence of really bad unethical practices. And sad stories of good, innocent victims of slavery, who are in crisis, whom nobody is helping - not even well known campaigners who claim to "care".

For the past 10 years, my daughter and I have worked our fingers to the bone, using our own savings to fund new ideas to help protect our planet. 

Yet every time Lovedesh tries to deliver solutions, bad people try and stop us.  Or damage the work we have been doing.Because of the work I've been doing to examine the root causes of poverty not only in the UK but in Bangladesh, for over 10 years, I am of the humble, honest opinion that my good name and work is under threat. 

It's very clear to me, that those with access to power, resources, privilege and platform have no desire to help me uplift and change the fortunes of some of the most exploited, impoverished communities around the world.  

But more on this later.  

#MLKIHAD is our new 60 day human rights campaign to help protect our planet and inspired by #BlackLivesMatter which has  gained global prominence, I want to remind the world we also have victims of modern day slavery around the world, especially in Africa and Asia.

Starting with Bangladesh, my father's heritage nation. 

And Jannat, a twin girl aged 5 in Bangladesh, whose family are victims of fast fashion modern day slavery and is in urgent need of medical treatment.  I plan to bring her and her parents, former garment workers, to London. 

And while doing so, raise funds to deliver new solutions so that fashion sector can stop hurting humans and our planet. And support others so that they can rebuild their lives and work for Lovedesh.

We do need your help.  Amber and I cannot do it alone. 

How did I meet Jannat? And her family? 

Since 2013, I had already begun to create a new, high end ethical luxury fashion range "Lovedesh Atelier", to help rebuild their lives of Rana Plaza survivors with new careers and to help more oppressed and exploited factory owners, seamstresses, artisans in Asia and Africa being ripped off and exploited by rich foreign brands who do not care about their bad working conditions that remain.  

In 2019, Amber and I had been working to launch a new global human rights campaign called #IRemember1136 to help her father Ohidul and many other survivors of Rana Plaza, one of the worst fashion tragedies the world has witnessed. 

You can watch our behind the scenes footage here from 2019 and how Lovedesh plans to change fashion. 


I managed to fund a Lovedesh over 10 years by doing interim jobs, saving up. 

I suffered extreme hardship and problems for daring to deliver change in order to help those impacted by modern day slavery. I lost more time and money.  But now I have used up all my own income and life savings recovering from many episodes of trauma.  

And why I simply cannot fund Lovedesh anymore.  I also had to raise my daughter all on my own, without many of life's basics, and missed out on simple luxuries (holidays, gifts) that her and I could've enjoyed, had we not done Lovedesh.

I'm coming forward to share that I have been under threat since I first established Lovedesh in 2012 and began exploring the records of poverty in UK and Bangladesh.

Not only has this come from my own family, community but also many others, whose agenda and profits are sustained by keeping the world's very poor, staying poor.  In 2015, we were left homeless by my own immediate family and had many of the Lovedesh and charitable projects destroyed in Bangladesh by my own blood who were helped by my community of relatives across the world.  All of this is documented by British and Bangladeshi police. However my family are far too powerful and very rich and why they have invaded being held accountable under the law.

I possess evidence on those who have hijacked and damaged my global human rights campaign designed to help Jannat's parents and others like her.   As well as since 2015, finding many others who have either stolen my idea or attempted to prevent me from delivering good.

 The consequences on both Jannat's family, myself and that on Lovedesh have been as follows.

Loss of time, personal money and effort

Jannat's medical care hampered, and her mother is crying and traumatised while her twin sister is often suffering due to hospital visits. 

Legal threats made to me causing stress and anxiety 

Being ignored, neglected, attacked, ghosted and silenced by many well known names in the fashion and political, sector.  Even someone in the diplomatic civil service.

Thanks for reading

Yasmin C

Yasmin's Credentials


Winner's speech here


AWARD BBPI January 2015
Named "Champion' in the 100 British Bangladesh Power & Inspiration List (second year)

Named 'Expert For Unusual Destinations'
 Conde Naste Traveller Interview

 Cited in The Guardian

 Chaat Magazine magazine interview


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