Help a 17 year old Start her dream business

by David Gee in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Help a 17 year old Start her dream business


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Daughter has a dream to run her own business, she has loads of brilliant ideas and is very passionate about it but has no means of funding

by David Gee in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I am the father of a talented , bright , young girl who wants to start up her own business, but cannot afford to due to personal circumstances she explains below, here is a write up from my daughter:

Hello , my name is Katy I am 17 nearly 18 years old and have a dream to start my own business. i have always wanted the freedom and independence of  my own business since I was little, as I grew older I became more and more sure that I would be able to create something great. The topic of idea always changed , but the drive was always there. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a job until recently,  when an unimaginable personal event completely pulled the rug from under me, the one thing I thought would never happen, did and it completely changed who I am and what I wanted. I quickly decided that if life could chuck that at me and I came out of it , then the worst was over and anything else was possible. The best thing about all things being possible is that even the best unimaginable things were now obtainable to anyone, so I stopped saying “ I can’t” and started saying “why not ?” I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 11 years old, and at 13 I wanted to die, due to these circumstances I was behind on my education, I am now back in college and doing my exams. I am 17, alive and proud to say I am recovering from my mental health difficulties, stronger then ever and in therapy. Some may mock me for this but the things I’ve been through in my short life have taught me that life is too short to not chase your dreams and it’s certainly too short to allow anyone who hasn’t walked a mile in your shoes to criticise your progress. For a long time I didn’t think I had any talents,  I truly believed I was worthless, I now realise I am worth it and I have a knack for organising. I would like to utilise this and plan and host events, but due to my familial background and because I spend 3 days a week at college and the other 4 as planning and trying to set up my dream business, I have no time to earn any money, I have looked into jobs even considered having two jobs and working 80 hours a week but this isn’t viable nor healthy and  because I have not got my grades yet I cannot get a job very easily, I am trying my best to focus on my education and my mental health but it comes at a cost and that cost is personal funds, I have the time to be able to put my all into this business as I have already mentioned I spend my days off constantly planning, googling and thinking of how to make this happen, this is a real passion of mine and I realised I am good at it if only I could afford to make my dreams a reality. As I am not yet 18 I cannot get any loans, I do not have access to funds from anyone around me and could not find any business start up loans for under 18s, I am doing this completely alone, so here I am trying to make my dream come true through crowdfunding. Thank you.

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