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Crowdfund Staffordshire is a new way to bring people with great ideas and supporters together to get great projects off the ground. 

If you’ve got a great idea to help your community, we want you to unlock the thousands of pounds that people across the county and beyond donate to good causes every month.

In addition we've got £50,000 of grants from Staffordshire County Council  available for eligible projects, and a free online crowdfunding course where you can learn how to raise the money you need from our experts.

It’s all about making good things happen in our communities.

Want to learn how to crowdfund? Catch up on our recent series of online workshops for projects in Staffordshire.

Unlock extra funding from Staffordshire County Council 

If your project could help vulnerable children and families, you could receive an extra £5,000 towards your target. Find out if your project is eligible for further funding or apply here.

Crowdfunding projects in Staffordshire

Sparrow’s nest image

Sparrow’s Nest Staffordshire

Fundraising for a new cafe in Staffordshire, specialising in adapted equipment and activities for children with additional needs.

  • 16 supporters
  • £204 raised
  • 42 days left
Xenia project uk image

Xenia Project UK Worcestershire

We strive to provide housing and employment to the homeless, to bring them out of the proverbial cold and back into society.

  • £20 raised
  • 0 days left
Save our centre image

Save our Centre Cheshire

To buy our building securing the future of Ruby's Fund Sensory Centre for the community and its users.

  • 37 supporters
  • £1.2k raised
  • 28 days
Game therapy image

Game Therapy Staffordshire

Game Therapy provides access to social activities in a supported space to help people deal with anxiety and reduce social isolation.

  • 10 supporters
  • £650 raised
  • 28 days
Trans-staffordshire image

Trans-Staffordshire Staffordshire

We aim to support Trans people their families, working with schools, colleges, and employers, providing safe meeting places Staffordshire

  • 1 supporter
  • £20 raised
  • 28 days
Leek blues & americana festival image

Leek Blues & Americana Festival Staffordshire

We need your support to grow a great music festival in the town of Leek Staffs, which blends international acts with exciting local talent

Successfully overfunded

  • 59 supporters
  • £1.6k raised
  • 56 days

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