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Unlock extra funding from Staffordshire County Council 

If your project could help vulnerable children and families, you could receive an extra £5,000 towards your target. Find out if your project is eligible for further funding or apply here.

Crowdfunding projects in Staffordshire

Walsall green party image

Walsall Green Party West Midlands

We want to stand three candidates in Walsall - that's going to cost us a lot of money...we need your help

  • 7 supporters
  • £192 raised
  • 21 days left
A sprinkle of stars image

A Sprinkle of Stars Staffordshire

A Sprinkle of Stars is a film which follows a woman who is going through a rough time and how the kindness of a stranger can change her life

  • 7 supporters
  • £180 raised
  • 11 days left
Finn's law image

Finn's Law Staffordshire

A new short documentary, exploring Finn's amazing journey and how Finn's Law is protecting the police dogs now.

  • 6 supporters
  • £150 raised
  • 35 days
Debris image

Debris Staffordshire

A short film displaying the flaws in our judicial system and advocating survivors of abuse to take back control over their life.

Successfully overfunded

  • 7 supporters
  • £210 raised
  • 28 days
Re-sourcing the sinai spring image

Re-Sourcing the Sinai Spring Staffordshire

Restore the ancient Chalybeate spring at Sinai Park House and create better access to its health giving properties.

Successfully overfunded

  • 23 supporters
  • £5.2k raised
  • 28 days

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