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Crowdfund Staffordshire brings people with great ideas and supporters together to get great projects off the ground. f you’re a not-for-profit organisation benefiting the people of Staffordshire you can get support from people who back your project. 

IIn addition, projects that support families to resolve issues that matter to them without the need for support from social services, might be eligible for a match funding element from Staffordshire County Council. This could be up to £5000. 

About this fund

Active Staffordshire Children And Families Fund project fund
Staffordshire Children and Families Fund
Get up to £5,000

Funding available to organisations looking to make a big difference to the lives of children and families in our communities.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.


You may be eligible for Staffordshire County Council match funding of up to £5,000 maximum pledge. Before completing your application for match-funding we ask that you read the accompanying guidance notes fully. Read here

Essential criteria
  • Be within the county of Staffordshire and benefit children and / or families who live or work in Staffordshire
  • Support families to resolve issues that matter to them without the need for support from SCC
  • Support vulnerable children and families to be more resilient without the need for support from SCC
  • Enable families to get help at the earliest possible stage through community led support Improves, or maintains, mental health, physical health or general wellbeing
  • Be inclusive and accessible to everyone
  • Have strong local support

Desirable criteria
  • Helps residents into employment, or training, and brings economic benefit to the county
  • Improves access to social, cultural and leisure facilities
  • Builds cohesion in the community and encourages civic pride
  • Supports improved access to primary care services
  • Creates volunteering opportunities for local people
  • If you are successful the Council will contribute between 15% and 33% of project costs up to a maximum of £5,000, depending on your total project cost:

Total Project value less than £6,000
  • 15% Good projects
  • 25% - Very Good projects
  • 33% - Excellent projects
  • Maximum contribution £2,000

Total Project value greater than £6,000
  • 15% - Good projects
  • 20% - Very Good projects
  • 25% - Excellent projects
  • Maximum contribution £5,000

For more information please contact: Amanda Dawson-Blower - or 01785 27653

How to apply for this fund

Start by setting up a crowdfunder project, if eligible you will be able to apply

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