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by The Monster Project in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

One Step Closer & CbdFit

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Platform used over 4 years as a card gateway to pay for services, supplements, covid upfront payments etc

by The Monster Project in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 10th July 2021 we'd raised £5,517 with 112 supporters in 223 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

This will help cover expenses of not challenge only but other helpful things tgat would come with it, for example appointments, accommodations, gear, services etc 

The main goal of this particular crowdfunder project is to survive this year with all financial loses the business faced so far. Anything above the main target would be invested in my self development ie courses, seminars etc and also would be used to improve the studio we run our sessions from, buy equipment, maintain and also pay all the expenses ie rent. 

Set up beginning of lockdown this platform was used as a payment gateway for a future services, current online / virtual services and all other payments. 


From 6th of May 2021 this platform was used as a donation platform towards Rehab after my win against Sepsis. All donations will be invested in physio, acupuncture, massage, floatation, swimming membership, ice water treatment, cupping, supplements to bring weight back on, health coaches, life coach etc etc I'm off work for at least 5-6 weeks so this money will also be used towards bills and other expenses as there's no income with me being self employed and wife working part time only. 

Your generosity means a lot as it will help recover in no time. ♥️

Update, all Slav's virtual and live events -

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Let me just try to explain how lockdowns really affects self employed, like myself, running their small businesses. Maybe this gives you an idea why some of us my panic or moan more than others. Firstly I'm not as unlucky as others as I can still LEGALLY run like a 20% of my regular business, just enough to pay bills i guess excluding mortgage or council tax though. I can still offer prep meals service although it's cut down in numbers due to people being off work, I can still run zoom or outdoor sessions although it's not even 10% of what I could do normally due to people's goals, likes, preferences. I can still offer online classes although, again, the numbers are like a quarter of regular numbers due to people's preferences and money situation as well. Now this is obvious and if anyone bother think about it they would get it. What you might not realise though, there's much more to it than just restricted services. For instance, noone will refund money invested in supplements purchased for resale that are running out of date, noone would refund money paid for all business related subscriptions ie music, business apps, calendars, collage apps and business tools, all those subscriptions wouldn't freeze.. This all is wasted, hard earned money. I'm not even going into all marketing and paper work issues, trying to make things right for people.. I'm just focusing on financial aspects here. Now, they say you'd get gov help, oh well.. What if certain self employed business invested lots of money in product that supposed to make profit after sale, product didn't have chance / time to sell and that certain business end up with negative profit one tax year? What if another year that gov takes into account when calculating their 'help' was very poor due to several reasons? I tell you what, that certain business would receive a pennies for 3 months period, a pennies which would not even cover a monthly mortgage.

Now, worry or not the fact is, the small businesses after lockdown would find out that they lost a part of customer / client base due to some of them are affected in the same way, lost their mojo or for many other reasons.. This all is sad and this message here still not giving you a full picture what's it like. The only way for us to survive and then bounce slowly back is the support of others. Luckily for me, I've got good support behind me, people who remember me supporting them, always delivering more than expected. This support is not only financially but mainly mentally as knowing all what I've done before is appreciated won't let me give up. So I thank all those who sending their messages and keep in touch and wish all small businesses support like that..


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