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Up to £2,000 of £20,000 fund

Barnsley Council and Berneslai Homes are supporting projects that help our communities and residents.

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Crowdfund Barnsley

Providing extra funding to help make great ideas happen in our communities

Welcome to Crowdfund Barnsley, a page dedicated to fundraising for locally based projects.

If you’re a Barnsley community group, charity, social enterprise, business or individual you can use Crowdfund Barnsley to get support from people who back your project.

In addition, projects that will make a real difference in our communities and to our residents might be eligible for a Boost match funding element. This could be up to 50% of the money you wish to raise or £2,000 – whichever is met first.

To find out if your project is eligible and apply for match funding, start your crowdfund campaign via the link above.

Start your journey today to help make a Better Barnsley.

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