Up to £1,000 available from your local councillors' Community Chest

Crowdfunder and Cornwall Council have come together as part of the wider commitment to inspire individuals, community groups, charities and businesses to enhance local communities, increase resilience and support vulnerable people.

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About this fund

Cornwall Council: Community Chest Fund
Cornwall Council: Community Chest Fund
Get up to £1,000

Cornwall Councillor Community Grants support ‘not for profit’ organisations who deliver a wide range activities and projects that enrich and engage local communities.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

*Please note that Councillors have full discretion over whether or not they use the crowdfunding route. In addition match funding rates for crowdfunded projects are still to be confirmed and will be at the discretion of the local Member.

Community Chest fund applications should be submitted at least 7 days before the project closing date.

Each Cornwall Councillor has a small grant fund to assist projects run by voluntary and community groups in the Cornwall Council area they represent. Councillors are also able to use their funds to pledge on crowdfund campaigns using the Crowdfunder platform. The grants can be used for a wide range of groups and activities for example:

  • Helping vulnerable children or adults
  • Helping young people
  • Providing facilities for older people
  • Improving a community centre or village hall
  • Local environment projects
  • Helping to address community safety issues
  • Purchasing play and exercise equipment for community use
  • Public events, festivals and exhibitions

The Councillor’s Community Chest: Key Points
  • Grants between £200 and £1,000 are available from each councillor
  • Applications for smaller project costs of up to £500 are particularly welcomed.
  • Repeat funding for supporting established public events and newsletters is permitted but the provision of funding does not indicate that future funding will be given
  • Grants are intended to support specific project costs only and not to be used for an organisation’s running costs
  • Pledges will only be made on ‘all or nothing’ projects (i.e. you must reach your funding target) unless previously agreed with Cornwall Council.

Match Funding Criteria
  • Projects between £200- £500 – The maximum Councillor pledge will be £400 or 80% of your target (whichever is the lower).
  • Projects over £500 – The maximum Councillor pledge will be £1000 or 50% of your target (whichever is the lower).
  • Cornwall Councillor pledges are only made visible once the crowd raises 20% of the total project cost and the grant is only released once your crowdfund target is reached, unless previously agreed with Cornwall Council.
  • It is always best to speak to the relevant Cornwall Councillor and apply as soon as possible, as there is only limited funding available.

The Cornwall Community Chest Guidance notes has more information on eligibility and how to apply. Please read the full terms and conditions.

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