Why crowdfund for a defibrillator?

This animation by British Heart Foundation explains what a defibrillator is, and how to use one on someone who is having a cardiac arrest.

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How crowdfunding works

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Create your crowdfunding page, using the cost of your new defibrillator as the target you need to reach.

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Share it far and wide on social media, using as many channels as you can to spread awareness.

start crowdfunding

End up with a new defibrillator, funded by your community, to protect lives for years to come.

People crowdfunding for defibrillators right now

The benefits of crowdfunding

  • Zero platform fees
  • Setting up a page is free and takes minutes
  • Can start fundraising straight away
  • Equipment is relatively low cost
  • Best chance of survival after cardiac arrest
  • Get the support of your community
  • Crowdfunder is a trusted platform
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