Support your local Brass Band this Christmas!

Brass Bands at Christmas

Without urgent support, we risk losing our musically rich brass banding heritage forever. In 2020, bands saw their main source of income disappear in an instant and many are still struggling to survive.

By showing your support for #BrassBandsAtChristmas, a period when many of us will be familiar with their sights and sounds, you can help ensure a safe and sustainable future for our country’s well-loved brass bands.

On each band’s Crowdfunder page you’ll find a variety of exciting rewards, which could be yours in exchange for a donation. There are lots of ways to enjoy brass bands - so join us in supporting #BrassBandsAtChristmas!


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You can also donate to the Brass Bands Project Fund, to support bands delivering exciting projects supported by Brass Bands England.

Brass Bands at Christmas

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