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Exeter Railway Band needs vital fundraising to keep afloat after a difficult year. After 77 years, Exeter's only brass band needs your help!

by Exeter Railway Band in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 11th January 2022 we'd raised £283 with 15 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Exeter Railway Band is part of a national initiative launched by Brass Bands England to save the many UK brass bands who are struggling to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic. Brass bands are a core of their local community, and many risk disappearing altogether without your help. 

We are Exeter’s only brass band and are crowdfunding to ensure that we can continue to rehearse and perform for the city of Exeter throughout the year. Covid has impacted our income over the past year and our ability to rehearse in our normal room, meaning we have limited income but extra outgoings to enable us to continue playing safely whilst doing what we love. We would be grateful for any donations no matter how small to help us get back out in to the community and bring music and joy back to Exeter. 



Why are we crowdfunding?

We are a Third Section band who prides ourselves on performing throughout the year and pushing ourselves to develop as a band. This year we have had limited practices and concerts due to covid-19.

We have been lucky enough to create some socially distanced performances and release videos across our social platforms. However we are desperate to get back together and play as a band and perform to the community again in full, after all, the band relies on this to stay active, no member is paid to enjoy a brass band.

We are crowdfunding to raise funds to survive, without the events taking place for over a year we are only just starting to play again.

The funds we raise through this campaign will go towards helping to pay our room rent, MD fees, insurances etc that we have commitments to. We have had very little opportunity to raise any money this year so anything we raise will be a massive help and bonus.


About Exeter Railway Band

Exeter Railway Band was founded as the 'Exeter & District Southern Railway Band' on 15th October 1944 by a group of railway workers after the Southern Railway Recreation Club lent them £100 to purchase a set of instruments. 

The first official rehearsal held on 12th January 1945, and from that date, rehearsals have been and are still held nearly every Tuesday evening. 

We still retain our link to the railway, with some former employees, but also the band’s ‘home’ is at Exeter Central Station. However, we have had to temporarily relocate due to Covid. 

The band's logo has also long featured the distinctive branding of the British rail network: two parallel lines, with embedded arrows running between them. A formal request to use the logo was made in 1997 with the help of the local Member of Parliament, Ben Bradshaw, who wrote to the Secretary of State, Gavin Strang, to obtain the necessary permission, which was was immediately forthcoming by means of a letter from Glenda Jackson, the then Transport Minister. 

Today, we go by Exeter Railway Band, and can regularly be heard at events around the city and beyond throughout the year. We also take place in regional contests in the Third Section.

Playing almost came to a stop in 2020, however, we managed to produce 2 videos, have online rehearsals and play in groups of 6s when the rules allowed. We are now back to full socially distanced rehearsals at a local school and events are starting up again, however, a number are still being cancelled due to Covid.


About Save Our Brass Bands

Brass bands exist in every corner of the UK, with over 30,000 people of all ages and standards taking part in weekly activity – rehearsing, performing and providing entertainment for their local community.

But we risk losing this forever.

Brass Bands saw their main source of income disappear in an instant when they ceased being able to perform in March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Months later, we still don’t know when normal performances will be able to take place. A significant loss in income over the Summer months, paired with necessary expenditure needed to make rehearsal spaces Covid compliant means that many Brass Bands are in a perilous financial situation.

Without urgent support, we could lose our nation’s amazing Brass Bands. Please help us to make sure they survive this crisis and will be there to be enjoyed by future generations.


Please donate, share this page widely and do what you can to help us to make sure our Brass Bands survive this crisis.


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