YOUTH brass - something under the Christmas tree

by St Pinnock Band Cornwall in Liskeard, Cornwall, Reino Unido


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Under the Christmas tree.. my wish this Christmas is to delight our Youth players by placing something under their tree as a thank you.

by St Pinnock Band Cornwall in Liskeard, Cornwall, Reino Unido

Your St. Pinnock Band Brass Band is looking to celebrate its Youth players.   Support YOUR Band this Christmas and allow the Youth to shine. 

Each of the players, regardless of age, does it for the love of music; for brass banding; for friendship and togetherness. In that spirit, we want to support and celebrate our wonderful Youth players to make their Christmas brighter with - hopefully - a treat under the Christmas tree.


Of course, this page is designed to raise a bit of money..  but throughout this fundraising, our job is to care..  fully, wholly, musically..  for our wonderful players and their band.  It's important, because the idea of the Village Band is under threat.  Competition for our youngsters' time is at an all time high.   However, get them enthused, give them some tools - then our belief is that the sky's the limit.



Following the trials of the last 18 months, we feel priviledged to form part of the St. Pinnock Band - with pride we represent you in Cornwall when we travel through the country;  in the civic events and the East Taphouse and Looe performances, we try our darndest to entertain.    This time I ask to look out for our own. 

A little of your support can go a long way..   who knows..?   A new (second-hand) cornet for one of our amazing Youth?   A factory renovation of a trombone for one of our College players?  Some new hardware for the percussion section?   There really is no limit. 

Let's dream this year about the best Christmas yet.   A real thank you from the players of the Band.

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