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The home of craft beer & brewery crowdfunding

We’re supporting breweries getting back on their feet after an extremely difficult couple of years.

Let’s help the craft beer & brewery industry get back on track. Support a local brewery today.

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Since the start of 2021 breweries have raised


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Tap into your crowd and scale up your brewery

Want to expand your current offering, upgrade your brewing equipment or even build a taproom?

Crowdfunder can help you raise the money you need, up front, and drive brand awareness and customer engagement at the same time. Plus, it’s simple. You offer great rewards like beer vouchers, brewery tours, tutored tastings and merchandise in exchange for generous pledges of cash from the people who want to bring your idea to life.

Crowdfunder has helped 100s of breweries raise the money they need to bring their beery ideas to life.

What can breweries crowdfund for?

  • Open up or renovate an existing taproom, bar or brewpub.
  • Upgrade or pay for new brewery equipment, for example new tanks or a canning line.
  • Make up for lost cash flow and Pay-it-Forward due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Launch a new line of beer or update your branding.
  • The options are endless. Check out the breweries we've helped already below for inspiration.
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Why are breweries successful? What's the secret ingredient?

  • Breweries are often the hub of the community and have many dedicated locals ready to support them.
  • Breweries often have a clear project aim that your supporters can get behind.
  • And finally, breweries can offer excellent reward opportunities in return for a pledge. For example, beer discounts and BOGOF deals, money-off memberships, brewery tours, brew day experiences, venue hire and parties (when we’re allowed) and merchandise. The list goes on!
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Success stories

Tap Social Movement

Founded in 2016, Tap Social Movement grew out of a passion for good beer and social justice. Their crowdfunder raised £32,779 with 305 supporters. Watch this video to see why they were crowdfunding.

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Benefits of crowdfunding

start crowdfunding

Easy to set up

Create your page in minutes - tell your story, explain your plans and set your fundraising target.

Get the word out

Expert support

We’re here with an expert support team to help you get the absolute best out of your crowdfund.

Get funded

Spread the word

Tell everyone you know about your project - friends, colleagues and others in your community can all help.

Get funded

Get funded

Your supporters can donate or pledge money in return for tempting rewards once your project succeeds.

So what are you waiting for?