Help Future Proof Pilgrim Brewery

by Helping to make Pilgrim Brewery Sustainable in Reigate, England, United Kingdom

Help Future Proof Pilgrim Brewery


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Pilgrim Brewery would like to be more self-sufficient allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint while being more adaptable.

by Helping to make Pilgrim Brewery Sustainable in Reigate, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we were able to raise additional funds this would be used to purchase a new/more efficient van for home and local deliveries.  We would also like to start exploring being able to can our beer at our site.

The Situation...

Covid has had a real detrimental effect on the hospitality sector with pubs and restaurants bearing the brunt of national and regional restrictions. 

At Pilgrim Brewery this has meant that our traditional route to market via the pubs and trade outlets closed and we had to adapt to survive. 

We are still unsure what the hospitality sector will look like when we finally come out of this pandemic but one thing is for certain, things have changed for good.


We're looking to futureproof...

Pilgrim is looking to the future and wants to ensure that we are as efficient and adaptable as possible and able to provide new ranges and styles of beers to the changing market. 

We would also like to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Over the years we have invested heavily in the brewhouse with a new copper, 3 phase supply, chillers, fermenters, controllers, under-back, heat exchanger, kegs and casks, filters etc etc.

Our brewhouse was traditionally set up for cask beer which is why we have just invested in two brand new DPVs (Dual Purpose Vessels) to help condition our beer ready to be bottled or kegged.  


Why are we crowdfunding?

The next stage of our development and why we are crowdfunding is to help to makes us more self-sufficient and quicker to adapt.  We intend to bring the kegging in-house.  This sounds simple however it does require the following: -

  • Keg Washer
  • Filters - Rough and sterile
  • Inline carbonation
  • Keg filler and 
  • CarboQC precise CO2 meter


Once in place this will allow us to bring new interesting beers into the market quickly and will reduce the number of beer miles and our carbon footprint. This is what you would be investing in.  

We have prepared these generous and exciting rewards for you as a thank you for your support.  


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