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Crowdfunding is an incredibly powerful way to get your voice heard. It brings communities together and enables like-minded people to show support and raise funding to make ideas a reality. Every day we have hundreds of projects added from across the UK - projects that are trying to tackle the climate emergency, make fairer societies and more robust economies.

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We are supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have distilled these into 7 categories that are already popular on Crowdfunder. Our focus will be on creating a significant measurable positive impact under all of these key themes. And with your help, we know we can do it.

Stuff to check out right now


Seaspiracy: 30by30

30by30 is a new campaign from the people behind Seaspiracy aiming to make 30% of all UK waters 'No-Take' Marine Protected Areas by 2030. 

How you can save the planet

#BackTheFuture at the G7Fringe

We were down in Newquay for the G7Fringe – tackling the big questions of our time and coming up with actions we can all take. The G7Fringe included #BackTheFuture LIVE: Cornwall Climate Challenge and a series of incredible stunts by Seaspiracy.

Greenpeace drone shot

300 drones. One message. Act now.

A swarm of 300 drones descended on Cornwall, demanding G7 world leaders act now to protect the planet.

Cornwall Climate Challenge

Cornwall Climate Challenge

We’re encouraging green initiatives in Cornwall to let us know what ​they’re doing in response to the climate emergency to win a share of £30,000 in match funding.

Girl talking to video

Build Back Greener

As we begin our national recovery, we need to make sure that climate change is a part of the conversation of how we can build back better. 

#BackTheFuture Devon Climate Change

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Real Ideas Organisation


Ali Tabrizi

Director - Seaspiracy


Emily Stevenson

Founder - Beach Guardian


Jasmin O'Hara

Human Rights Activist

#BackTheFuture Ambassadors

Ella raised funds to run and upgrade her TOPUP TRUCK, bringing plastic-free shopping to the streets, schools, offices and homes of East London.

See her successful project 

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Project Pollenize was set up to enable packs of seeds to be delivered to children across the city of Plymouth, creating valuable rewilding areas for insects among the harsh urban environment.

See their successful project 

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Meet the #BackTheFuture Team

Introducing the dedicated Crowdfunder #BackTheFuture team, ready to help you make a difference. We even have expert coaches on hand to answer your questions about starting a planet-positive project, set up a one-to-one call with them here.

Meet the #BackTheFuture Team


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