If Farage Doesn't Like Net Zero, He'll Hate This.

by Zero Hour in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

If Farage Doesn't Like Net Zero, He'll Hate This.

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Nigel Farage wants to delay plans to make the UK healthier, greener and less dependent on fossil fuels. Help us say #NoThanksNigel.

by Zero Hour in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

On May 1st, 2019, UK Parliament led the world and declared a climate and environmental emergency. Since then, we’ve hosted COP26, made strides in renewables, banned fracking and made a legal commitment to reach 'Net Zero' greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Although there's still much to improve, we're making progress to decarbonise the UK, and move beyond fossil fuel dependency.

But Nigel Farage isn’t happy.


Farage wants to throw away our progress on climate

On 5th March, Farage launched an attack on green policy labelling Net Zero “net stupid” with a new campaign aimed at pulling the rug from underneath the UK’s plans to cut emissions, and making us more dependent on fossil fuels.

Now he's pushing hard for renewed fracking in the UK under the pretence that it will cut energy bills – which we know is nothing but a barefaced lie.


We need to band together and say #NoThanksNigel

Farage aims to divide us, but the UK public wants our government to do more on climate, not less. We’re united against fracking. And we’re united in our mission to reach Net-Zero. We can’t let a culture war change that.

Let’s leave no space for Farage’s campaign against climate action, and turn it against him. For every "like" his misinformation gets on Twitter, let’s match it with a donation. We're asking you to support the grassroots campaign for stronger climate legislation. 6,000 people have liked his launch tweet so far. Can we get 6,000 people to donate?

Help us strengthen, not weaken UK action on climate

To beat Farage, we need a bold, positive and fair vision for decarbonisation in the UK. Luckily, we're campaigning for just that. A landmark bill in Parliament, called the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill is ready to go and picking up support from MPs. If we can work together to get it passed, it will dial up the ambition on tackling the climate-nature crisis, making sure we reach Net Zero, and helping the planet stay within 1.5°C of warming.

In other words, it's Farage's worst nightmare. By donating, you'll be supporting our campaign to keep up the pressure on the government to do more for climate and nature – exactly what Farage doesn't want.


Together we can show Britain is united in acting on climate and say #NoThanksNigel

Campaigners across the country are putting in the hard yards, but as Farage's misinformation campaign picks up pace, it will be tougher than ever. We need to go further and faster. Please donate and make that possible.

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