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Up to £10,000 of £470,000 fund

Funding for organisations working with vulnerable communities in Birmingham to improve independence and wellbeing and reduce reliance on health and social care.

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For a self-reliant, healthy Birmingham 

Funding available to projects that benefit vulnerable people and help them create stronger, healthier more resilient communities.

The Community Innovation Fund

Have you ever considered crowdfunding to support and empower the people and communities of Birmingham as they look to fund local community projects?

The council is offering seed funding for projects that promote health and wellbeing and encourage a more independent, engaged and connected community.

Local projects can raise money from the Crowd, and then apply for funding from Birmingham City Council’s Community Innovation Fund to make their great ideas happen.

The council could pledge between £100 and £10,000 on crowdfunding projects that address the local priorities.

So if you have got something up your sleeve that’s going to make a real difference in Birmingham, then the council could back you to the tune of up to £10,000, or 50% of your funding total (whichever is the lesser).

Want to learn how to crowdfund? Join our next series of online workshops for projects on Crowdfunder.

Projects that fit the bill

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The Bridge, Birmingham West Midlands

We want to help struggling men and women beat drug and alcohol addiction and thrive in their local community. Help us make it happen!

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