When The Last Lion Roars

When The Last Lion Roars

In fewer than 50 years many African lions could be extinct in the wild. We need your help to stop this happening.

We did it!

On 30th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £888 with 29 supporters in 42 days

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Disappearing lions

In the 1980s, 100,000 lions roamed Africa. Now fewer than 20,000 remain. 

Every day more lions die. Please help us raise awareness of their plight. 

We need to raise  £4,000 to pay for economy flights, car hire and basic accommodation so we can visit lion conservation projects in Kenya and Rwanda and write about them in When The Last Lion Roars.

We want to let everyone know about these and other ground-breaking projects that are saving lions' lives.

Lions can't tell the world what is happening to them, but we can.

Help us tell the story of Africa's last lions. Don't let their roars go unheard.  

Give lions a voice and  help us save them from extinction. 

When The Last Lion Roars 

When The Last Lion Roars tells the story of the rise and fall of the king of the beasts.  

A century ago there were more than 100,000 lions in Africa. Now there are fewer than 20,000. In West Africa, just 250  adult lions hang on to life. 

When The Last Lion Roars looks at what has happened to lions and what can be done to reverse the decline in their numbers. It will shine a spotlight on the catastrophic decline of Africa's lions so that action can be taken to prevent the continent's most charismatic predator from going extinct.


When The Last Lion Roars has been commissioned by Bloomsbury for publication in September 2018.

Who we are   

We're Sara Evans and  Karen Harvey.

Sara (above left) is an award-winning journalist, specialising in wildlife, conservation and travel. Shocked and moved by the extent of the lion's decline in Africa, Sara wanted to tell their story, to let everyone know how perilously close lions are coming to extinction. For the last two years, she has been researching and writing When The Last Roars to do just this.

Karen (above right) is a professional photographer, consultant and  the founder and director of Shutter Hub, an organisation dedicated to providing opportunities, support and networking for photographers worldwide. When Sara told Karen about the fate facing lions in Africa, she was also moved and wanted to help lions' voices be heard. Providing her services for free, Karen will help to visually chronicle the story of threatned lions in Kenya and Rwanda.

What we need to do

To complete When The Last Lion Roars, we need to travel to Africa to report on and photograph two projects - one in Kenya and the other in Rwanda - that are saving lions' lives right now.

In northern Kenya, we will visit the Ewaso Lions project at Samburu which works with local Samburu people to protect the lions in the area. In Rwanda, we will visit the Akagera National Park and meet the team behind a recent re-introduction of lions to the Park – the first time lions have lived in Rwanda since the genocide in 1994. 

Please join our journey. Your pledge will help us finish the story of Africa's last lions.

What we will do in Africa

We'll meet and photograph the conservation teams involved in the projects and learn about the challenges they face in helping to save Africa’s last lions. We'll also get to know local people to find out how they live with lions and why they want their big cats to survive.

Full details about the projects will be included in chapter six of When The Last Lion Roars, which looks at  initiatives in Africa that are helping to keep the species alive.

 What will the funds pay for?

The funds will cover our economy return flights, transfer costs and basic accommodation to Samburu in Kenya and to the Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

  • Two return flights to Nairobi, Kenya (from London)
  • Two return flights to Samburu (from Nairobi)
  • Two return flights to Kigali, Rwanda (from Nairobi)
  • Return car hire from Kigali to Akagera National Park
  • Six night’s basic accommodation for twin room.

If we raise more funds than we need, the surplus will be donated to Ewaso Lions

Thank you!

If you’ve got this far down our page – thank you and keep roaring for lions!

And please pledge. Your donation will help raise awareness about the trouble Africa’s lions are in.

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