Rise And Shine Signpost The Big Yellow Bus Project

by Rise And Shine Signpost in Hailsham, East Sussex, England

Rise And Shine Signpost The Big Yellow Bus Project


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Rise And Shine’s Aim Is To Help Assist People In Need + Convert A Double Decker Bus To An Out Of Hours Homeless + Poverty Access Point

by Rise And Shine Signpost in Hailsham, East Sussex, England

Me (Christopher) and My Partner Claire set up Rise And Shine Signpost in the hope of assisting people who were in need out of normal office hours. We first developed and piloted our idea back in November of 2016, and in April 2017 We moved forward in creating a Social Media and Web Based Outreach Service. Rise and Shine Signpost was created based on my own experience of homelessness and crisis.

Since my teenage years me and my Mum would constantly battle I was what some would describe as a tear away. I became homeless very early on in my life and unfortunately this lead me to being mixed up with drugs, drink and crime. No matter what services I attended non priority was all I heard (because of my age) It became very difficult having to adapt to being an adult as well as trying to survive on the streets as now an addict. Because, those moments of feeling high I felt happy, no matter even when I did get help and assistance, I was still pushed back to the streets with no support. When I eventually got somewhere it became some what difficult to keep it as I had no life skills. Eventually I ended up in and out of prison and hospitals from trying to take my own life, still didn't work !! Now seeing my life back then I was just a confused kid, I tried so many hostels so many places, night shelter none were what I needed, I ended up on the streets for a while and this time And I chose it, it became easier as the time went on and now a late teenager, I found myself in some truly terrible situations, I have been sexually assaulted, held at gunpoint and on top of all this I was abused verbally and physically, I have had possessions stolen all for being homeless, I chose my path and now there fear of the barrel of a gun haunts me and has made me and my partner realise, people just need stability and a bit of hope . If somebody had been my contact and help I wouldn't of been or seen or even felt what I had.

Rise And Shines is a Non Constituted group which was first established in April 2017 and our services differ from person to person as it is very difficult to mould a service for individuals that have so many different situations occur in their lives, we follow a key-working structure which is designed by Sussex Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services and it also using a guide following a Rehabilitation Of Offenders Program displayed by Probation. Our key-working packs enable us to be able to record an individuals personal achievements and developments as they work with us as a service. We help to identify the negative thoughts in which bring a person to be in a cycle of poverty and homelessness. We help to retrain an individual with encouragement around structure and routine with an element of 121 peer mentoring and guidance. Rise and Shine's main primary objective is to assist people in need. we believe strongly in no judgement, no priority no criteria as everyone needs help sometimes. Our service has been running for about 17 months in which we have helped assist around 15 people through our key-working structure and supported over 80 people in need through advice support and basic needs of day to day living. Since establishing we have been operating from our home address in Hailsham.

We have been meeting individuals via Outreach and attending to a person to a place more convenient for them. Our service support is much needed and our future plans are to develop a place to work from in Hailsham so we help Outreach to more people in need and make our service more accessible for those who currently who are in crisis.

We understand there are some that have chosen that way of life, not to mention the stories you hear of the fraudsters, however moving the minority aside, there are some out on the streets due to no fault of their own... With that said does it matter how they got there...? surely the main concern is to do what we can to keep anyone that's on the streets as warm as we can. But then we thought instead of just trying to keep them warmer why not try and get them off the streets, then I see the night shelter bus In Ipswitch.........so that's what we're doing. we are going to get a Double Decker bus, convert it into a night shelter with a kitchen area, wash area, chill out zone and a consultation room, 365 days of the year. Aswell as working with other agencies to provide the support and advice these guys need to kick habits and get back on their feet. 

We Have Now Managed To Raise Enough To Purchase Our Bus And We Have As From The 9/11/2018 + More Info Can Be Found By Visiting Our Website At   https://taptheapp.wixsite.com/thebigyellowbus/

We Are Now In Need Of Help In Many Ways . We Need To Convert Our Double Decker Bus To A Use Ready For People Who Are In Need Of A Bed.

Our Total Project Cost is Astronomical But With Your Help We Could Make A Start On Reconverting Our Bus To A New Home For Some.. 

We Are Trying To Raise £3000 Towards Our Storage Upkeep Of The Double Decker Bus And Also To Begin Works On The Conversation..... Please If You Could Help Even If You Can Only Help With 5 Pence , We Need Your Help , 

We Are Only One Family Trying To Make A Difference And Really ,,Please , Please Im Begging You!!! Not For Us But For Those In Need , Please Don't Turn A Blind Eye To Homelessness.

Many Thanks For Taking Your Time To Read About Our Project , You Can Find More Info Including Pictures And Plans Of Our Bus On Our Website /  https://taptheapp.wixsite.com/thebigyellowbus

( We Are Also In Need Of Hats , Scarfs , Jackets , Jumper's , Socks , Trousers , Towels , Cleansing Products , Old And Used Broken Tech , Working Tech , Any Unwanted Gifts Of Any Kind , Books , CD's , DVD's , Games , Scrap Aluminium Drinks Cans , Also Usually Taken Unwanted Household Items , To Donate Goods Of This Type Please Contact 07713639547 or Email riseandshinesignpost@outlook.com )



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