55 reward ideas

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55 reward ideas

How can you motivate potential supporters to make a pledge? This is where rewards come in. 

Rewards are the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ and give people something awesome in return for their support. 

Many people would naturally approach this task by thinking about what they can offer. Instead, we would suggest flipping this around and thinking about what would motivate your supporters.

Think about the different groups of people who might want to pledge and offer rewards to suit each of them. This could include physical products, unique experiences, digital goodies or creative mementos. 

To get you thinking about rewards, we’ve compiled a list of 55 brilliant examples. You should find plenty of inspiration for your own project below. 

  1. Yoga Nidra meditation download. A dreamy deep meditation audio recording. 
  2. Vegan cookery class. Learn to make delicious vegan meals with a three course lunch.
  3. Wall of Fame. Have your picture appear in the Workington Zebra’s club house. 
  4. Cupcakes. Six delicious homemade bakes.
  5. Handmade tile workshop. Learn how to make beautiful, unique pottery tiles.
  6. Get out of burpees. Members of this club can pledge to skip this exercise during training. 
  7. Wild flower seeds. These rewilding seed packets are loved by pollinators. 
  8. Evil curse. Have a playful hex put into a beer to the detriment of anyone/thing you desire. 
  9. Personal training session. Get ready to feel the burn. 
  10. You’re in my seat. Get your name etched into a barstool at Little Door & Co.
  11. Plant a tree. Have an apple tree planted in your honour at Narrowboat Farm. 
  12. Scoreboard sponsorship. Have your name on the board at ​​Church Eaton CC for a year.
  13. Season ticket. Grab a spot at every home game for South Shields Westoe RFC.
  14. Wine and wall painting. Learn about unique medieval wall paintings with a glass of vino.
  15. Digital recipe videos. Watch and learn to cook some of JoJo’s favourite dishes.
  16. Rainbow dove. Handmade wooden toy with the special edition rainbow on one side. 
  17. Get the album. Pop this in your CD player and enjoy some new music.
  18. Wine tasting. Bring five friends for an evening of sophisticated slurping. 
  19. Afternoon tea for two. Yummy goodness delivered right to your door.
  20. Exclusive tshirt. Specially designed organic cotton tee in your size.
  21. Postcard art print. Signed on the back with personalised thank you message.
  22. Read the book. Advance copy of ‘Great Adaptations – In the shadow of a climate crisis’.  
  23. Nebula mug. Gorgeous handmade mug inspired by the Orion Nebula.
  24. Launch party. Come along to the big bash at this new venue in Shoreditch.
  25. Swimming lessons. Get in the pool and make a splash. 
  26. Cameo appearance. Your five seconds of fame in a PhD film. 
  27. Band art. Framed handwritten lyrics of ‘Things in Heaven’ with doodles by the band. 
  28. Read the book, donate the book. One copy for you, one copy for someone else. 
  29. Museum annual pass. Visit the exhibitions as many times as you like for a year.  
  30. ImagiCharm Smarter Kit. Learn coding and program it to look different every day.
  31. Organic cotton bag. A handy reusable shopping bag featuring the KLOTH logo.
  32. Appear in the programme. Be credited as one of the people who made this show possible. 
  33. Ride the wave. Enjoy a surf Lesson at Bournemouth Beach.
  34. Bonus episode. An exclusive extra episode from The Second Circle podcast. 
  35. Your name in the credits. A heartfelt thank you at the end of this animated film.
  36. Learn the drums. With instruction from Pete you’ll be shredding in no time.
  37. Skateboarding hero. Have your name permanently etched into the side of the bowl.
  38. Golden ticket. Full weekend pass for Marsden Jazz Festival with a goody bag thrown in. 
  39. Film prop. Get your hands on one of the props used in the film. 
  40. E-Tarot card readings. Get exclusive cosmic insights direct to your inbox. 
  41. Cemetery tour.  Explore the newly restored catacombs and graves of historic importance.
  42. Exclusive follower content. Access to behind the scenes Instagram snaps and videos. 
  43. Guest list at The Jazz Cafe. Entry to every gig at the venue for a whole year. 
  44. Stream the film first. Receive a link to watch The Great Game before everyone else. 
  45. Date night dinner. Enjoy a romantic meal for two at Yuu Kitchen.
  46. Scented candle workshop. Learn how to create your own upcycled glassware candles.
  47. Match sponsorship. Support Lancaster CC and enjoy hospitality for five  people.
  48. Children’s party. Get your dancing shoes on for a musical party at Prout Bridge. 
  49. Social media audit. Receive expert advice for your business from @digitalmother.
  50. Livestream the concert. A ticket to enjoy the concert from the comfort of your own home.
  51. Name a character. Get a character named after you, or a person of your choice. 
  52. Two pints. Grab two pints and a Chain House Brewing Co. beer glass. 
  53. Tea towel. This colourful tea towel shows the lively illustrated vision of Refugee Cafe
  54. Hand dyed yarn. An exclusive blend of hand dyed yarn in a new special colourway.
  55. Sponsor a beehive. Get up close with a bee experience, honey and bee bomb stickers.

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