Save Newport Pagnell Swimming Club from closure

by Newport Pagnell Swimming Club in Newport Pagnell, England, United Kingdom

Save Newport Pagnell Swimming Club from closure


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We are raising vital funds to keep our club from closure, so that we can continue to support all our swimmers through COVID-19 and beyond.

by Newport Pagnell Swimming Club in Newport Pagnell, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money will provide us with additional security to ensure that we have sufficient funds to cover increasing costs.


***WOW*** We have actually made our stretch target within a week on our crowdfunder.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated: and especially to an ex-swimmer who has donated a hugely generous amount to the continued survival of our Swimming Club.

We still have until 1st February 2021  to raise funds for this historic club everything that is donated will reach us.

In these challenging times there are no fees to pay on Crowdfunder, we get every penny you donate so please keep sharing, keep liking, keep tweeting, keep donating and let's see what we can do to keep the club providing what we do best for swimmers both new and old!



NPSC Chairman

Who are we?

We are a friendly, family club with a competitive spirit for all swimmers from our swimming lessons developing water confidence through to winning championships. The club is steeped in history dating back to 1896, making it not only an important part of the local community but also one of the oldest swimming clubs in Britain.   We are a volunteer run non-profit organisation offering the important life skill of  swimming for children of all abilities from the age of 3 whether learning to swim, swimming for fitness, fun or wishing to compete at local and national level.  We are a small club with around 250 members.

1606665711_history_50.jpg We are an important part of the local community of Newport Pagnell and surrounding areas. It all began in 1896 when local children learned to swim in the River Lovat and took part in competition supported by local businesses of the town. In 1957 a former swimmer of the club  Harry Middleton  invested money to provide a pool for the town and this became the clubs pool for training and competition `Middleton pool ` is still our home pool today.

We take part in many of the towns events including Christmas lights, Carnival,  and Strawberry Fayre so it is important to our club to continue to be part of the Newport Pagnell Community. Each year we raise money through the MK Community Car raffle helping to raise money for the club and support other organisations in the local community.


Why are we raising funds?

When we went into Lockdown in March pools closed.  We decided as a club we would not charge full fees during this period, as we could not offer swimming and to help parents whose own finances were also being affected by COVID-19 . We were able to get back to the pool in August with COVID-19 restrictions causing increased pressures, with limited number of swimmers in each lane and strict procedures being applied has put a severe strain on the finances of the club.  

Our small pot of reserves which helped us through the first lockdown is almost empty and with Lockdown 2 in November this has increased the problem. Our income is received from fees, memberships and fundraising and due to lower numbers and limited fundraising opportunities during this current pandemic our outgoings are exceeding our income and if this continues and we do not raise the funds our club will have to close.

What the club means to our Swimmers

"Newport Pagnell swimming club is more than just a club to me. It is a family and somewhere I can show myself. It is a supportive, friendly club that lets me shine in what I do. If it closed, I would lose more than just a club I would lose: friends and the stable platform that I trust and thrive on. It may not be a big club, or a rich club but it’s just as good if not better as they support you all the way. Furthermore, the club looks after everyone whereas in some clubs you might be forgotten. So, please help the club that has helped so many to greatness.Daniel, aged 13

"If Newport Pagnell Swimming Club closes, I will be very sad and angry because I love swimming at this swimming club.  I also would miss my friends there.  The coaches are equally as kind as parents and teachers and they are welcoming. The swimming club is good for your health and fitness.  The coaches make you swim to the best of your ability to get better. Ethan, aged 10.

"I have been swimming at the club since I was 8 yrs old and now I’m 14yrs I swim in the performance squad . Swimming is a big part of my life , and I have met new friends and have many good memories from swimming and competing at the club.Harry, aged 14

What previous swimmers are saying


"I joined NPSC at the age of 11 after failing to find my feet at another club. I was instantly taken in by the coaches, club and swimmers alike and soon went from a novice swimmer to a strong competitive one. I made friends for life along the way and so many of my fondest childhood memories are associated with the club and the people that helped to run it. I was also able to develop my communication skills and overall confidence whilst at the club. NPSC gave me the opportunity to become vice-captain when I become a more experienced swimmer, and I was then able to lead many of the younger swimmers during training sessions and at galas/competitions. It is a fantastic, friendly club at the heart of the local community and one that has always punched above its weight." Rory (Past Swimmer)

"Newport Pagnell swimming club is my family and my history from my grandad being a coach in the 1970s, to my aunty and uncles swimming competitively. Then me carrying on that  history by swimming and now coaching for the club. This club has always been one big family to me and is more than just  swimming it’s about supporting each other, having fun and competing." Rebecca (Coach/Past swimmer)

"I joined NPSC at the age of 10 expecting to just be joining a local swimming club, however it is much more than that. NPSC became my family. I currently have been a member for 10 years; I swam for 9 of those. I now coach and teach the swimmers in the club and lessons, hoping to pass on an important life skill and the love for swimming that the club gave me.

I wasn’t the fastest swimmer, but the club wasn’t just about that. I was able to do the sport I loved in a fun environment with people who supported me. I made friends for life and gained a newfound confidence in myself.

Being part of NPSC is much more than just swimming, it has inspired my future career. I am currently at university hoping to become a primary school teacher. 

Starting as a helper for swimming lessons at 14, teaching children became my passion. I became a volunteer coach for the older squads before becoming a level 1 and 2 qualified teacher and a level 1 coach. All these opportunities and experience would not have been possible without NPSC.

Others should be able to have the same opportunities and inspiration that the club gave me. Please help us to do that.Sophie (Teacher/Coach/Past swimmer) 

Our Swim Family

The Club is one big family.  We have children whose grandparents and parents swam for the club. We have a Uni squad which allows the older swimmers to swim when they are home from university and  many of our volunteers have swum for the club themselves.  Some volunteers just cannot leave and continue to help the club long after their children have left to go to university or work. 

Learn to Swim

It all begins with Our Learn to Swim (Stepping Stones) We provide the children with a fun environment providing structures lessons to build water confidence, learn swimming skills and techniques.  Each year our squad members, families and volunteers come together to provide the children with a fun gala. This gives the children a chance to take part in fun races and win medals.  We also run a BBQ and activities to make it a fun afternoon for children and their families.

The Squads

Children who want to continue with their swimming join our squads. They train up to 7 times a week.  The coaches help them to build their fitness, stamina, improve their technique, skills and progress to competing in competitions.  

1606951164_medals.jpgWe take part in team and individual events including, Open meets, Junior League, Counties, Regionals, and National competitions. Just before the lockdown in March 2020 we competed in County Championships winning 14 golds, 22 silvers and 9 bronze medals. This is a great achievement for a small local club. 

We know competing isn’t for everyone, we support all swimmers with their own personal goals.

We support children through their Sport GCSE, A levels and Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We encourage our older swimmers to assist with our learn to swim children and many have qualified as teachers and coaches passing on the skills they have gained to help a new generation of swimmers, but also gaining transferable skills that they can use in other aspects of their lives now and in the future.

Why is swimming important?

Swimming gives many transferable skills, perseverance, dedication, coordination, time-keeping and confidence. It helps to keep the child fit, gives them a purpose, they make new friends and it is very good for mental health which during these times is more important than ever! 

It is a life skill that the swimmers may need one day, especially with the rivers and lakes around Newport Pagnell and surrounding areas

Please help us to achieve our target so that we can continue to support swimming in our community

Are you a parent, relative or friend of a current swimmer and would like to see the children continue with the sport they love?

Have you previously swum for the club or your children have been part of the club and it had an important impact on your life and would like to help the club to continue  and provide this for future generations?

Maybe you are part of the local community and would like to ensure that the club can continue to be part of this community?

Are you a business who could offer a donation to help the club to support swimming and opportunities for young people?  

What ever you can donate we will be incredibly grateful and Thank you from everyone at Newport Pagnell Swimming Club.

Previous Fundraising and Club activities


"When my eldest son joined NPSC we were looking for a way for him to continue his swimming for fitness.  Since joining the club his swimming and his confidence have gone from strength to strength.  NPSC is a family friendly club, which has encouraged him to improve his swimming technique and fitness; this has resulted in him being comfortable and confident enough to compete at swimming meets and galas.   

My other two children are now members of NPSC.  My youngest has just started swimming lessons with Stepping Stones.  Even though he is only 3, and has started lessons under the COVID-19 restrictions, he asks to go back every week.

During Lockdown all three boys really missed swimming.  If the club were to close permanently the children would not only miss the physical and mental health benefits of swimming, but also the many friends that they have made at the club." Jo (Parent)

"Jason started swimming for NPSC when he was 14 after being out of the sport for a couple of years. Within the first 18 months of being back in the pool NPSC supported him going to counties, regionals and British Champs 2017, 2018 and English National’s 2019. Jason couldn’t of achieved this without the support of the club. While he isn’t training as much now due to working he is still a member and attends when he can. He can’t wait to race again." Gail (Parent/Coach)

"NPSC has been instrumental in teaching our two girls (aged 9 and 7) to swim. As a family who love to spend our holidays on the water, it is important that our girls enjoy swimming and feel confident in the water. NPSC lessons have provided this, giving them a solid foundation and the confidence to swim in the sea.  For that we will always be grateful." Hayley (Parent)

"Newport Pagnell Swimming Club has been an incredible tool for our daughter to keep fit, meet people and participate in a sport she thoroughly enjoys. She has made life long friends through the Club and, as a parent, I have also made friends with other parents whom I still see socially, long after our daughter has moved on to University and a career as a PE Teacher.   She looked forward to going swimming each week, not just because of the swimming but also because of the social aspect and the friends she would see who were a different group of friends to her school friends.  Often the last out of the changing rooms because she wanted to chat!!!

Being part of the swimming club was also a vehicle to doing Lifeguarding and Swim Teaching Qualifications, when she was old enough, which enabled her to work as a lifeguard and a swim teacher to earn some pocket money during her time at school and University." Sue Smith (Parent)

"We are new to the club and our lessons have now become a highlight of our week. Our children 8&6 have progressed wonderfully in a short space of time and we are really proud to be part of a local club.  We cannot wait to return." Keira (Parent)

"My son, Cameron  has been swimming with NPSC for nearly 3 years and it has become a hugely important part of his life. He has developed a passion and determination for swimming and his physical health has improved no end.  He has learnt that hard work and commitment pays off and he applies this to all aspects of his life now. He enjoys the training sessions and loves how the coaches push him to achieve his potential and recognise his achievements. I have seen Cameron's confidence grow over the years and I believe this confidence has aided him to be successful in his school and social life also.

I know that if the club were to close Cameron would find it very difficult to build the same relationships with another club and coaches and this may result in him discontinuing his swimming journey which would obviously have an impact on both his physical and mental health." Mel (Parent)

"Newport Pagnell Swim Club plays a huge role in the life of our daughter Livvy. As a keen triathlete she relies on NPSC to develop her swimming but has come to depend on the club for so much more, especially during lockdown when the club has provided a source of stability, camaraderie and mental well-being. The commitment of the coaches and volunteers has been an inspiration and as a family we now value the club more than ever." Adam (Parent)


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