June, July, August


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A Summer story of choice, change and consequence.

by Michael Scanlon in Knowl Hill, England, United Kingdom

Directors Statment:

My name is Michael Scanlon and I am the Director, Co-writer and one of the actors in the upcoming feature-length film "June, July, August".  

I began to learn about the complexities of cinema as a medium at the University of Southampton. Resultantly I began to message actors, writers and directors I knew to put this knowledge into action I had a story to tell and this film was the way I wanted to showcase it. 

Choosing to direct, write and act in this film was a difficult choice to make. Though I had directed theatre pieces before as well as acting in a couple of short films, the opportunity to direct a film had never arisen. However, I knew that the vision in my head was something that I could achieve and also something that I needed to do. This film is incredibly important to me due to some small similarities in the story being especially poignant to me. A small number of people will know that I was diagnosed with complex PTSD in September. Since then I have begun recovery, something that I know for a fact that I would not have been able to do without the support from my family and friends around me. These people in my life have become the reason that I strive to get better. Consequently, I would like to dedicate this film to all the people in my life. Whether they are close friends or people I have spoken to a few times, through months of therapy and medication I am able to see the positives in everyone and this is something that keeps me going. This film will be a symbolic moment in my recovery that will bring the end to a chapter in my life that has taught me so many things. 

This film is also special to me due to the cast and crew that I have this wonderful opportunity to work with. It is rare that you're given the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented cast and crew who I'm lucky enough to call my friends. I have worked with Catriona Newton and Josephine Rose, two of my closest friends, on both stage plays as well as on-camera. I have seen them grow into the professionals that they are today and am incredibly glad to be able to act alongside them in my first feature film. Isabel Hoyos has also been an incredible co-writer and one of my biggest influences in helping me get to where I am now. I cannot thank her enough for helping me put my vision into words and I'm excited to do our script justice. After months of writing, planning and collaboration I am extremely excited to say that we are ready to start planning production.

Despite covid creating difficulties with communication my team and I have adapted in any and all ways that we can and we are so excited to bring this story to the screen. In order to bring this project to life, we need your support. I hope that you will consider donating even the smallest amount to help us create "June, July, August". Thank you.


Who We Are:


We are a group of actors, directors, musicians and writers from around London, Southampton and Reading. All our cast are either current or past students in their respective mediums.

Our film deals with topics including LGBT issues which most of our cast and crew can relate to making the film incredibly personal to all of us. As a film student, the films which make the greatest impact on an audience are the ones that audiences can relate to the most. 


Layla: Josephine Rose

Daniel: Michael Scanlon

Cassie: Catriona Newton

Ava: Paloma Hoyos


Director: Michael Scanlon

Writers: Isabel Hoyos and Michael Scanlon

Assistant Director: Alexander Martindale

Director of Photography: Harry Fish

1st Assistant Camera: Seb O'Grady

Music Director: Flo Tellam

Musicians: Josephine Rose, Chetan Panesar and Courtenay Bolt

Continuity Manager: Tim Hall

Location Manager: Tom Harrod

The Film:

"June, July, August" follows the story of three teenagers: Daniel, Layla and Cassie on their summer before they head off to university.

Each character goes through a perception changing event which ultimately impacts not only themselves but the people around them.  Their previously shielded world opens up to a harsher reality that they were never prepared for. 

Too many people can relate to any of the characters heartbreaking tales. This film highlights the importance of education but also aid in the things that you cannot prepare for.


Our Aim:

We have calculated up our costs for making this film and it has come up to £2225. The majority of this will be going straight into production costs. However, 7% of this will be going into the funding for the cost of entering into film festivals. Below is a broken-down cost of what the money will be going into:


We will not be asking for extra money for PPE as all cast and crew will be equipped with their own correct PPE as well as take rapid coronavirus tests before and during filming.


During the pandemic, 67% of young people in a survey worried that they will suffer long-term consequences with their mental health due to the pandemic. (Young Minds, 2021) 

Any and all extra proceeds will be donated to the mental health charity Mind who provide information and advice towards people struggling with mental health crises.

Thank you:

Thank you to everyone who has read this far and a massive thank you to anyone who donates towards making this film become a reality. We are extremely grateful for any donation, big or small and are we are excited to show you the final product.


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