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Raising social investment with Crowdfunder

At Crowdfunder we work with a wide range of partners, who can help you get the investment needed to help your charity or social enterprise grow. 

If you’re at an early stage in your investment journey then rewards based crowdfunding can be a great way to test out your business plan on real people, and secure funds to help you on your way. Securing some of your funding through crowdfunding can also send a powerful message to potential investors that your enterprise has the backing and support of your community.

If you’re ready to grow and looking for significant sums of money, then our partners may be able to help with loan finance or equity investments. 

For Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies a community share issue could help you raise the investment you need from your community.

Community Shares on Crowdfunder

Community Shares are an effective way for groups to raise money for projects that benefit a particular community. We've helped hundreds of Community Shares projects reach their target, find out how we could help you. 

Social investment success stories

See how previous projects have done it

GlenWyvis Distillery

GlenWyvis Distillery

£2.5 million from 2,400 investors

Scotland's Dingwall in Ross-shire had a proud tradition of malt whiskey production since 1690. Ninety years after the last of the town's whiskey distilleries closed, GlynWyvis became the world's first community owned plant thanks to a staggering £2.5 million community shares fundraise on Crowdfunder. In the end more than 2,400 investors from 30 countries had bought shares in the largest crowdfunding campaign of its kind in the UK.

Sole of Discretion

Sole of Discretion

£142,055 including £5,000 match from Plymouth City Council and a £130,000 investment 

Sole of Discretion is working to create a stable market and distribution system for a network of small-scale fishers around Britain’s coast. They’ve now built the first fish processing centre in Plymouth, thanks to their Crowdfunder project, which also led to a £130,000 investment from Social & Community Capital.

Jubilee Pool

Jubilee Pool

£528,680 from 1,380 investors

Jubilee Pool used a share issues with a minimum target of £350,000 to complete the funding needed for a £1.8m development project. The share issue raised £528,680, which allowed them to reduce the level of debt they had to take on.

Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda

£12,785 from 67 supporters

The Cheeky Panda concept turns unused bamboo that would otherwise goes to waste into luxury tissues. Following their initial crowdfunding success, Cheeky Panda have gone onto raise £1.6 million through equity crowdfunding to grow the business.

How crowdfunding works

start crowdfunding

Add your idea to Crowdfunder

Create your unique page. Tell you story and explain your idea. Then set a target and how long you need to reach it.

Get the word out

Get the word out

Spread the word to friends, professional contacts and others in your community. Tell everyone you know about your project.

Get funded

Get funded

People who like your idea donate or pledge money in return for a reward they’ll receive once your project succeeds.

+Extra funding for Social investment

We have extra funding for Social investment projects on Crowdfunder 

Funds available for social investment projects

Power To Change fund

Power to Change

Get up to £6,000

Up to £6,000 of extra funding to help start or grow community businesses in England such as community owned shops, pubs, sports facilities and local landmarks.

Forward Enterprise Fund

Forward Enterprise Fund

Get up to £5,000

Grant match funding and business support for start-up and early stage charities and social enterprises creating jobs for ex-offenders and people in recovery.

Reach Fund

The Reach Fund

Get up to £15,000

Funded by Access for charities and social enterprises to apply for grants of around £15,000. The grants can be used to pay for specific support that may help them to raise investment.

Other support for social investment projects

Connect Fund

Connecting you to investment

The Connect Fund has been set up to strengthen the social investment market in England to better meet the needs of charities and social enterprises.

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Social & Community Capital

Social & Community Capital offer alternative funding to community business, charities and social enterprises who don't qualify for mainstream loans.

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Benefits of crowdfunding

start crowdfunding

Raise awareness

The average Crowdfunder project reaches 10,000 people.

start crowdfunding

Test your business plan

Offering products or services gives an opportunity to test public appetite.

start crowdfunding

Increase your supporters

Typically 70% of people who pledge on a crowdfunding campaign have never supported the project financially before.

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