Transcendence initiative

by Darryl Craig in Widnes, Borough of Halton, United Kingdom

Transcendence initiative

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the aim is to set up drop-ins in every major town in the UK by the end of 2025 - with the aim in doing more than is currently being done.

by Darryl Craig in Widnes, Borough of Halton, United Kingdom

My dream has the aim of helping the wider community and helping others get on the right path and achieve their dreams.

Just a bit of context first.

In regards to alcohol/substance misuse, Currently 85% of people relapse in the first year.

The social end economic burden costs 32.3 billion per year.

That could be in part to the fact that AA has roughly a 10% success rate.

Re-offending upon release from prison is averaging 37% with some groups as high as 65%. This costs the economy 18 billion pounds per year.

Homelessness is another issue, with it rising in 2023 to 311,990 people homeless and this can be a contributing factor in some instances to the above 2 issues.

This costs around 7 Billion to the economy each year.

Mental health plays a huge part in all of the issues as well as a stand alone issue. Mental health costs the Economy 105 Billion per year.

These 4 areas cost the UK around 162 Billion pound per year, the governments solution to these problems is to cut funding in the most part.

Imagine a solution where the government isn't trying to put a plaster on a broken bone.

current solutions that the government have are -

Homelessness - social housing with dealing with any underlying issues- which results in surrendered tenancies, evictions then right back to square one.

Addictions -  Detox and Rehab (which is very limited) but once this is finished these people are put back in the exact same situation, same problems, same prospects, same people around them, Ultimately they relapse.

These are just 2 examples that we dont do enough.

In the north west where i am and the homeless hostel i worked in where we housed over 100 homeless individuals - the local housing picked and chose who was priority.

I have seen people with diabetes or asthma etc being told they were non priority so they are made to continue sleeping on the streets.

In regards to the people that resided in the hostel - the council owned the building so they set the rent which was over £400 per week! housing benefit covered it whilst in the hostel but for the people that wanted to work and wanted to make a change before they secured a property they were unable to, which means they left with the same prospects and same problems and ultimately we seen so many people come back through our system again.

Ideally im looking for support initially financially and guidance to make it sustainable.

I want to start it in the North west then nationwide asap.

Ideally i want Pods/drop ins all over the country, where people can come in from the cold or come in for a chat. we would ideally be a one stop shop for support and guidance for these people, we would link in with as many local services we possible can and build strong relationships with these, but we also want to work with health and wellness professionals, personal trainers, industry leaders in every sector to offer training and experience, recruitment to find what they want.

As many different therapists we can whether that be RTT, NLP etc, because alot of these individuals would be dealing with trauma and is causing the issues so we want to deal with the issues at the root and overcome them.

we need to ensure that these people feel fulfilled and have a different outlook on life and actually have prospects to make them stay on the right path.

This is my ultimate dream that i am so passionate about I have so many ideas to make the business sustainable but just that bit of help and guidance would mean the world.

Many Thanks


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