The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor - English Province

The Little Sisters of the Poor charity specialise in providing a caring home with safe accommodation, respite provision, and palliative end of life care for vulnerable older people of modest means.

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The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor - English Province

It is well known that the UK has an ageing population, with more people living longer lives than previously. By 2040, nearly one in four people in the UK will be aged 65 or over and the number of people over 85 is predicted to more than double.

This raises questions about how older people with more complex needs will be able to live well, and how we can effectively support our ageing population when existing health and social care systems are already struggling to cope.

The Little Sisters of the Poor address the growing need for affordable older person care, and admission to our Homes is open to low-income elderly of at least 65 years of age, regardless of race, nationality or religion.

Our charity has 7 care homes in England, and we strive to challenge ageism and disadvantage to ensure the neediest are included in society and can lead fuller, more independent lives.

Our homes help to reduce loneliness and isolation, by supporting older people to stay active, building intergenerational partnerships with schools and other groups, supporting people to form friendships, and bringing communities together to create lasting change.

However, due to the emergency lockdown measures to aid efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Little Sisters are finding the current economic climate increasingly more demanding. 

Along with the restriction of residential visitations, we have also had to cancel charity events and collections, which has had a massive impact on the donations we rely on to help with our increasing running costs.

In these unprecedented times, our staff and volunteers are going above and beyond to make sure that our high quality care continues. However, the cost of running our Homes and giving the elderly the affordable care they need with up-to-date comfort, safety and equipment far exceeds the income we receive.

Please help our charity continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of our residents, Sisters, staff, volunteers and visitors, by supporting our Nectar Donate appeal today. 

All gifts, no matter what size, will be very gratefully received and used to help provide safe, affordable, quality care and assistance to older people in need. THANK YOU.

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