£10,000 for community renewables and energy efficiency measures  

Crowdfund and you could win one of two £5,000 prizes to make your energy project happen

Crowdfunder and M&S Energy have £10,000 to give away to two community projects that are crowdfunding to bring the benefit of renewables and energy efficiency to their community.

Community groups that are committed to being environmentally conscious and that are installing some renewable technology or energy efficiency measures in their endeavour to do so will crowdfund from 11 June to compete for two cash prizes.

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Most supporters

£5,000 will go to the community group that can garner the most number of supporters, showing incontestably that they have a community around them that really supports the idea of renewable technology and/or energy efficiency. 

Most raised

£5,000 will go to the community group that raises the most money, which tells the story that your community are not afraid to dig deep and do whatever is needed to make the ideas happen that are important to them.