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Donate your rebate and help your neighbours

Across the UK households are now receiving their energy rebates - this amounts to approximately £66 per month per house for the next 6 months. The rebate will reflect in energy bills and is not means-tested - meaning that every household in the UK will receive at least £400 back towards their cost of living. Those fortunate enough to own more than one home will also benefit from this, per household.

For some, this rebate will be a much needed addition to income at this time. For others who are more financially secure, it’s a nice bonus. But for the millions who have been plunged deep into poverty it’s literally the difference between heating or eating.

We call on those who can afford it, to consider donating all or part of their energy rebate to the charities that are supporting those who need it the most. Our vulnerable children, families and elderly in our communities - our neighbours, teachers, nurses and our loved-ones.

14.5 million people are currently living in poverty in the UK. Since 2008 the number of foodbank users increased from 26,000 to more than 2.56 million.
A 30% increase in homelessness has been predicted over the next two years.*

If we come together and #DonateTheRebate we can help level this up.

Can you help move millions from A to B?

Second home

Those on high incomes and wealthy individuals who do not need the rebate

Local income area

The charities and organisations supporting the residents who need it the most

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can help cover one family’s transport costs to work, school or hospital appointments for an entire week

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can help three families receive financial advice and support through our Helpline

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can help a family pay their rising utility costs for an entire week

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can help cover groceries to feed a family for an entire month

Donation amounts provided by Turn2us, these may differ for other charities featured on the page

Donate now

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Millions of UK households are facing rising living costs.

We’ve launched a fund to get donations to where they will make a real difference to help support those in urgent need.

Donate now

Support the charities who are at the front line of the cost of living crisis. They all need help at this time. From October rebates will be paid at £66 per month, why not donate yours to those who need it?

Select Gift Aid to turn a £66 donation into a £82.50 donation.

Supporters of our Cost of Living and Donate the Rebate campaigns

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Amanda Blanc

Group CEO, Aviva Plc

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Christine Hodgson CBE

Chair, Severn Trent

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Jon Lewis

CEO, Capita

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Gavin Patterson

President & CRO, Salesforce

How businesses can help

Dozens of businesses have already joined the front line response, contributing funds to the cause. Will yours?

You could make a one-off donation or set up live match funds to distribute over time, matching donations from and engaging with the crowd.

Start raising funds

There's £10m in +Extra funding on Crowdfunder, designed to support charity and community projects that are tackling the issue of rising prices.

Simply add your charity or community project, start raising funds, then apply for any +Extra funding you're eligible for.

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