Help those facing the cost of living crisis

Millions of people across the UK are being forced to make the unthinkable choice between feeding their families or paying their bills. Support the charities making a difference today.


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Anyone around you could be facing this struggle

UK inflation has reached 8%, the highest in three decades. This, combined with a 54% increase in energy bills and the fact that the average family is earning £1,100 less per year, means that millions more will be forced into poverty.

A graphic showing the rising energy costs as of April 1st

How you can help

These charities are supporting people who need help with the rising costs of food, energy, fuel, and bills. Donate to a charity below to make a difference.

Let's make a difference

Crowdfunder is committed to supporting this issue and will be growing this campaign. If you're a charity working on the frontline, then get involved today. Together we can help more people.