The cost of living crisis: what can you do

Cost of living crisis

We're here to help

People are worried. Households are struggling and charities need help.  Communities are battling the financial and emotional impact of rising prices.

What would you like to do?


Start raising funds

There's over £10m in +Extra funding available on Crowdfunder, designed to support charity and community projects that are tackling the issue of rising costs.


Make a donation

Charities and organisations on the front line need help. You can make a donation now to help those who need support during this cost of living crisis.


Help for your business

If your business is struggling right now, setting up a project on Crowdfunder can help you get the support you need from your customers and friends.

How your organisation can help

We've made it easy for your organisation to support those on the front line of the cost of living crisis.

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