How your organisation
can help

Your organisation can support causes on the front line of the cost of living crisis in a few different ways.

Make a donation, set up a live match fund, and share with your community to gain further support and awareness.

The cost of living crisis

14.5 million people are currently living in poverty in the UK. Since 2008 the number of foodbank users increased from 26,000 to more than 2.56 million. A 30% increase in homelessness has been predicted over the next two years.*

In July, inflation hit a high of over 10%, meaning the cost of everyday goods is now 10% higher than this time last year, from food to petrol and energy bills. The latter set to rise in October, the cost of living crisis looks set to continue for some time.

Charities will also feel the effects of increased costs, with 58% saying income and financial stability was one of their three top challenges, and 71% expressed concerns over managing the increased demand for their services.

Supporters of our Cost of Living and Donate the Rebate campaigns

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How does it work?

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Provide a few details

Tell us how much you want to give, and who you want to support – based on locations, themes, or specific organisations

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Your fund is set up

We’ll invoice for the funds, finalise timings (it’ll be quick), and provide you with guides for best practice

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Your fund launches

The time to share your support with employees, customers and community through email, social, press, and PR

Why we love live match funding

  • It’s good for charities

More supporters give
84% of supporters felt that they were more likely to give if matching was offered

Supporters give more
Donors gave more when matching was applied, and nearly half gave up to 50% more

It’s easier to communicate
Matching can give an extra boost to charities fundraising. Helping engage new supporters and re-engage lapsed supporters

  • It’s good for your organisation

Generate awareness
Live match funding enables generating awareness with customers, employees, and community about your support in a really positive way. The charity benefits from increased awareness and donations, your organisation benefits as being seen to be offering support

We’re in it together
When a supporter makes a donation to a charity they are passionate about, they immediately see your brand matching their support and supporting their passion


Help for Huddersfield

Help for Huddersfield is an independent food bank providing the basic essentials to over 1,4000 every single month. To give everyone they see a fighting chance of not needing support again, they now provide wrap-around support to make sure it's more than a sticking plaster.

Donations to Help for Huddersfield Households are being matched £ for £ by Aviva meaning the project has been able to raise over £18,000 to achieve their goals.

Make a donation and see how the match funding works

What you get

Your fund on a project and checkout

Your live match fund information and amount donated are shown
 on a project page, alongside signposting at the checkout stage.

This includes your logo and fund name.

Set up live match funds

Apply to donate

Tell us how you would like to help, please provide as much information as possible and we'll come back to you to discuss how to make your support as effective as possible.

How to distribute your funds?

You can choose to distribute your funds through either…

How much would you like to give?

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Or spread funds across a general area

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Generate your invoice

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