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Project by Fran Halford

We did it
On 30th May 2020 we successfully raised £5,880 with 148 supporters in 35 days

Phoenix Counselling is expanding it services to meet the future emotional and mental health needs of all ages in the aftermath of COVID-19


Image someone telling you the following ?     

  • Schools will be closed and children unable to play with their friends
  • All public gatherings will be cancelled
  • Millions of people in the UK will not be able to for to work
  • If your loved one becomes ill you will not be able to visit them in hospital
  • if your loved was to dying you could not be with them

Who would have thought it possible !!

Now we need to prepare for the longer term impact on peoples emotional and mental heath as we all become vulnerable to experiences of anxiety, depression, trauma and suicidal thoughts with the unpredictability of many months of living under the influence of Covid-19 and managing the changes, fears and loss we will all experiences.

Our lives have changed in ways that are beyond comprehension.

The impact of Covid-19 on our community has been profound and is likely to continue for some considerable time including distance from our friends and loved ones and livelihoods threated.

The office for National Statistics reports that: ( April 16th 2020)

84% of people surveyed say they are very worried about the impact of Corvid-19

53% report their emotional and mental well-being is being affected 

47% reporting high levels of anxiety

We don't believe in waiting lists - they need us now and we need you

At Phoenix we know how long it can take someone to access counselling and the courage it takes to pick up the phone or send an email to tell someone you not coping, or you feel like you losing your mind.

On average a person will need to wait up to 6 months before getting help through the NHS counselling services, at Phoenix we offer counselling within 7 days.

The NHS services have a strict referral procedure and sadly a number of people whose emotional and mental health will not be eligible, at Phoenix we have no such restriction and welcome everyone to our services.

Your pledge TODAY of £15 will provide on session off counselling NOW

Who Are We Reaching Out To?

No ones lives had not been touched by Corvid-19, many of us will find ways to manage our mental health , for others they will start to struggle with anxiety, depression and maybe even suicidal thoughts.  

Phoenix is expanding its services to provide online counselling for all ages and face to face counselling for those who can came to our centre once our doors open on the 15th June 2020.

Your pledges will enable us to provide services that meet an individuals need at the time of need.

Here are some of the groups we are reaching out too and need extra funding to provide free sessions.

Counselling - Front Line Worker and Their Families

During these frightening times, we've seen the very best and bravest in humanity.

Phoenix will provide independently clients space where they can explore their experiences, without judgement, shame and feeling like they are burdening their families.

Our service will also offer their families support so they can share their concerns, fears and anxieties when putting on a brave face as their loved ones continue to put their own lives at risk to save other loved ones

Coronavirus is affecting many frontline workers tacking the pandemic, as one of our clients said when calling 

" I'm scared, my colleagues are scared, we are fighting to save people lives, dealing with situations that are deeply distressing and I simply don't want to take it home" 

"I know that I can access short support through work, but I don't want my employee to think I can't cope"

NHS staff are at risk of high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder if they don't get the right support as the coronavirus outbreak subsides, health service adviser Prof Neil Greenberg has said.

People may need months or even years of "active monitoring" of their mental health after things return to some semblance of normality, according to Prof Greenberg, a world-leading expert in trauma.

Our Service is for :

  • NHS employees 
  • Mental Health Hospital and Community Team
  • Emergency workers such as our ambulance, police and fire fighter
  • Carers in care homes to those who care for their loved ones at home
  • Teacher and educational support staff
  • Our shop workers, delivery drivers, postie
  • Volunteer who have supported our most vulnerable in our community

Your pledge TODAY of £100 will pay for 12 weeks counselling for a NHS or Frontline Worker - Help Us be ready for their call.


Loneliness - Loss of Social Contact 

No matter what our age a consequences of self isolation can be overwhelming feelings of loneliness. Loss of physical contact with out friends, families and work colleagues do have an impact on mental wellbeing.

We are seeing an increase in both depression and anxiety. The Mental Health Foundation report that 1in4 of us experience anxiety and are concerned bout their mental health. This compares with 1in 10 before Corvid-19.

£40 pledge TODAY will pay for twice weekly telephone support to someone who is lonely FOR ONE MONTH

Domestic Abuse

During the lock down our services has seen an increase of 50% in request for help. Domestic Abuse is not just about physical violence- it can be emotional, sexual as well as economically. It is controlling, threatening and coercive behaviour towards either a women and their children and men can also been under threat of domestic abuse.

Phoenix is offering online or phone counselling and provides information about support services where extra help is available.

With your pledge TODAY of £30 we GIVE online therapeutic support for 6 weeks.


                                                                                                                                 Bereaved people may have to deal with increased trauma, and may be cut off from some of their usual support network. Those who are already struggling with bereavement, or whose relatives or friends die through other causes will also be affected. We will be here to support them in the months to came as they came to terms with a future that they had no choice in, to mange the loss and devastation  that sudden death has on our mental health.

Counselling can help a person is adjust to aftermath of death, mange the overwhelming feelings of anger, fear and keep memories alive of the person whose died once the others lives move on.

Pledge Today £50 will Help-Us Give of Peace of Mind by being able to access Counselling today 

Who We Are ?

Phoenix is a community-based counselling services in Feltham, West London, and severing the community for 20 years. Our mission is ensuring that everyone can access counselling at their time of need. Phoenix is a self-funding organisation and provides access to affordable counselling.

Phoenix ethos is no one should sacrifice their mental wellbeing because of financial constraints.

Our campaign will ensure those who cannot afford counselling or indeed those who wish to access our service immediately.

All our service are presently online - through this service it allows us to support those wanting counselling anywhere in the country.

Phoenix Counselling Team

The Phoenix Team is made up of our founder Fran Halford

And an amazing team of 100 volunteer counsellors who all have considerable clinical counselling experience. Has part of our commitment to ensure that we can meet the growing need for counselling, the phoenix team have all agreed to extend the hours and we welcoming new team members in September.

All our Counsellors are members of professional organisations which include the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), National Counselling Society (NCS) or United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP). A large proportion of our volunteers have been qualified and volunteered for many years at Phoenix.

How Will Your Pledge Help Us Achieve Our Vision

                                                                                                    Phoenix will receive every pledge, even we are not able to reach our goal of £30,000, and the closer we can get we can apply for match funding though Connected Communities. 

Phoenix needs you to ACT TODAY and pledge whatever you can afford so we can provide free counselling session for the most vulnerable of all ages in our community. Our services have seen our clients facing significant challenges and heard the most devastating stories, including those who have lasted family members, parents struggling to cope with their child fears of living the house in case they die.

The Geographical Area We Cover

We are based in Feltham TW13, our service is not postcode restricted and will give a warm welcome to anyone who would like to come to our centre once we reopen our doors. 

For our virtual counselling service their is no restriction to where we welcome calls from. 

From all of us here at Phoenix Counselling Service and on behalf of those who will now be able to access counselling at the time of need without waiting or having to make a decision of choosing their own emotional and mental wellbeing over an inability to pay.

Your donation will truly make a difference in someone's life.

Fran Halford

Founder of Phoenix Counselling Service

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