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Crowdfund Plymouth is set up to support community groups, start-up businesses, charities and individuals across the city.

We have £210,000 of extra funding available for projects in Plymouth. 

Extra funds available

Projects in Plymouth

Community kitchen image

Community Kitchen Devon

CROPS (Keyham Green Places) is making available its kitchen, fridge and freezer to the local community for FREE!

  • 22 supporters
  • £3.1k raised
  • 4 hours left
Mayflower 400: legends and legacy image

Mayflower 400: Legends and Legacy Devon

To host an exhibiton to represent the impact of the Mayflower sailing in 1620, with items on loan from international museums and archives.

  • 2 supporters
  • £250 raised
  • 18 days left
Twist: plymouth's first board game cafe image

Twist: Plymouth's first board game cafe Devon

Hundreds of board games, locally sourced coffee and craft beer, cocktails, delicious food and exciting events. We can't wait to welcome you.

  • 54 supporters
  • £2.4k raised
  • 21 days left
Platform 50 campaign to empower women image

Platform 50 Campaign to empower women Devon

Make difference in women's lives by empowering women aged 16-25 living in your local community through FREE help and support when needed

  • 54 supporters
  • £1.6k raised
  • 24 days left
The train project image

The Train Project United Kingdom

I would like to invite you to become a part of a unique and unusual collaborative social experience. The Train Project is an interactive and...

Successfully funded

  • 30 supporters
  • £1.2k raised
  • 30 days
Dirty dancing for laura image

Dirty Dancing For Laura Plymouth PL4 0QW

I aim to raise money to put on a showing of Dirty Dancing in the REEL Cinema in Plymouth. I would like you all to give £2 or more if you can, I...

Successfully funded

  • 36 supporters
  • £264 raised
  • 28 days
Lipson vale primary school image

Lipson Vale Primary School Plymouth

Lipson Vale Primary School; a school that works hard to be the hub of its local community. It was built in 1953 and has since undergone two phases...

Successfully funded

  • 1 supporter
  • £70 raised
  • 28 days
Hotel motel image

Hotel Motel Plymouth

Hotel Motel is a short fiction drama, dark and powerful, it centres around one chance encounter between three characters: Robert, a terminally ill...

Successfully funded

  • 20 supporters
  • £750 raised
  • 42 days
Frankie got the junk image

Frankie Got the Junk Plymouth PL3 4RL

Frankie Got The Junk is the second short film from French Honey Films, a Devon based production company. The aim of the film is to create awareness...

Successfully funded

  • 11 supporters
  • £255 raised
  • 35 days

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