6 effective ways to raise funds on Crowdfunder

by Rachel | Mar 22, 2024 | Stories

6 effective ways to raise funds on Crowdfunder

Charitable and community initiatives are more important than ever and finding innovative and effective ways to raise funds for your organisation is a top priority.

Crowdfunder provides a platform that not only takes the headache out of fundraising, but allows you to reach a wider audience with methods tailored to your needs. Many of our features can be used in combination to achieve a greater impact for easy, effective fundraising all year round.

Continue reading to find out the 6 different ways you can raise funds on Crowdfunder.

Donation led crowdfunding

Pros: Simple, Fast, Familiar

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Collecting donations for your cause is a tried and tested method and one that supporters often associate with charitable giving. On our platform, you can set up a crowdfunding page in minutes, allowing your organisation to act fast for immediate fundraising.

The Bob Willis Fund used this method of crowdfunding for their #BlueforBob campaign and successfully raised £69,190 from 1,990 supporters. With a combination of other fundraising channels, over £263,000 was raised for prostate cancer research and awareness.

Fundraising for your cause

Pros: Empower supporters, Expand your reach, Amplify your efforts

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While running your donation led Crowdfunder, you can also ask your supporters to fundraise for your cause. A fundraising page takes minutes to set up and no bank details are required, meaning all funds raised go directly to your Crowdfunder. Not only does this feature empower your supporters to do more for your cause, you’ll also tap into a new network of friends, families and colleagues which will increase more awareness of your crowdfunding campaign.

Glossop Community Sports Hub did exactly this when they asked their junior football teams to set up a fundraiser for their club. Collectively they raised over £35,000 for new training facilities with the 17 fundraisers bringing in a third of the money raised.

Rewards based giving

Pros: Incentivised giving, Building on networks, Average pledge doubled

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Rewards are a great way to extend your reach beyond your immediate network. Often, we see the average pledge on rewards based Crowdfunder’s double compared to donation led crowdfunding.

If you’re looking for rewards to offer, local businesses, supporters, friends and family are all a good place to start. Find out if they are willing to donate something physical, a discount or an experience that you can use as a reward. We’ve seen all sorts of things offered, from cheese hampers to pottery classes to a week-long holiday rental! Find out more about rewards based giving.

Prize Draws

Pros: Accessible, Engaging, Exciting

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Prize draws are a great way to engage supporters, generate excitement and raise money on Crowdfunder. Anyone can run a prize draw, whether you’re part of a business, charity, community group or even just an individual with an amazing prize to offer!

Not only a brilliant way to raise funds, prize draws create an incredible sense of community among supporters. They’re accessible to all with a low price point of entry (opposed to a more traditional auction). And the best part? We’ve waived our platform fee, so more of the funds raised goes directly to your cause.

Here are some of our favourite prize draws…

Glastonbury Festival teamed up with Oxfam GB to run a prize draw on Crowdfunder and successfully raised £1,044,190 from 46,392 entrants in just 21 days in aid of the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. Glastonbury returned with another prize draw in 2024 too!

Edinburgh Zoo runs regular prize draws on Crowdfunder offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences to explore the zoo, go behind the scenes with your favourite animals and luxury hotel stays. Collectively their prize draws raised nearly £400,000 and gained thousands of new supporters to help save animals around the world.

Find out more about prize draws

Regular Donations

Pros: Ongoing support, Build on supporters, Monitor donations

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Secure a steady stream of support for your cause by activating regular donations. This feature allows your dedicated supporters to contribute monthly and help in the longer term. You’ll be able to monitor donations from your Crowdfunder dashboard, collect additional funds monthly and simplify the process for you and your supporters.

Extra funding

Pros: Extra funding boost, Real time match funding, Connect with partners

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We have over £11 million in +Extra funding from our regional and national partners. If your crowdfunding project is eligible, you can apply for funding and potentially receive a extra boost to help you raise even more for your charity or community cause.

+Extra funding is more than money too, as we can connect your cause with partners who are looking to support positive initiatives. Organisations like Aviva and British Airways are backing causes that build stronger communities across the UK, connecting your organisation with even more supporters.

Find out more about our match funding opportunities.

The top 100 crowdfunding projects

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We’re on a mission to share the incredible stories of crowdfunding projects who have benefited from the different ways of effectively raising funds through Crowdfunder. Together, these projects have raised an astounding £18,001,681, supported by 405,876 individuals.

Explore their incredible stories and let them inspire your own ideas.

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