We need to save nightlife, and we need to do it now.

Crowdfunder and The Night Time Industries Association have teamed up to launch the #Savenightlife Campaign to save hundreds of events, venues and clubs who are at risk of permanent closure.

Without support for these important businesses we will lose an important part of the cultural tapestry of the British Night Time Economy, something we are renowned for globally.

Without these events and venues the electronic music scene would struggle to survive. These spaces are vital to the development of Contemporary British Music, nurturing talent, providing a stage for DJ's and performers to build their careers, and grow their fan base.

These events and venues play a vital part in communities, as the hub for creativity and social engagement, with many becoming key to economic and cultural regeneration.

Donate to support your favourite event, venue or club or to the NTIA #Savenightlife central fund and we will ensure that the money raised will go to venues that need it most.


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