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Please support our fight to protect everyone within the night time industry to ensure they have a fighting chance of survival!

by Night Time Industries Association in United Kingdom

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On the 31st August 2021 we'd raised £7,200 with 28 supporters in 319 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Because without funding we jeopardise everything we have already achieved, and we cannot risk losing momentum. We must continue to fight on behalf of everyone who has lost or is in jeopardy of losing their job or their business, and for an industry that has been utterly discriminated against from the start of this pandemic.

We are calling everyone in the Night-Time Industry!

For the last 5 years we have been at the heart of the fight to protect our amazing industry, against regulatory change, economic collapse and now the pandemic that has seen many businesses within our sector decimated, with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost.

We are undervalued as an Industry, and face an existence without consideration, by the very Government we have supported through our taxes, and one that will revel in the glory of global recognition for our sector. 

The result of this pandemic is that many financially viable businesses within the sector - venues, events, festivals, supply chain are going out of business through no fault of their own.

Freelancers, Company Directors and our workforce have been left out in the cold and many are suffering both financially and through mental health, desperate to survive with careers that have been ripped from them.

It is clear that the Government have placed our sector at the back of the queue, with limited support and no evidence of an exit strategy, or a will to give a direction of travel so that people can plan.

The #LETUSDANCE Campaign was launched specifically to raise awareness and to protect music and save culture during these unprecedented times, but we are now looking to develop this further but calling on supporters to help raise money to challenge the Government further.

Your donation and support will help bring us together as a community!

The Night Time Industry Association 

The NTIA is the voice of the Night Time Economy & Events sector. Working tirelessly on behalf of late-night business to increase awareness and understanding of the sectors contribution to the UK Economy and wider Community! 

“The NTIA is led by people who care passionately and work tirelessly for our night time industry. They do not do it as a day job, or for profit or gain. They do it because they know from personal experience what it means to confront the challenges that this industry endures. They do it because they feel the pressure, but they know what needs to be done to resist it; they know how to do it, and they make it happen. This is full on, front line representation for a full on, front line industry. It changes things. That’s the difference.” ~ Sarah Clover - Licensing and Planning Barrister (Kings Chambers)




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