Passport to Investment

Helping charities and social enterprises easily access social investment for a lasting impact

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Empowering good causes for lasting impact

We’re on a mission to keep good causes operating for a long time, to create a lasting impact for our society.

That’s why we’ve developed Passport to Investment. It's an easier way to connect organisations like yours with new investment opportunities—all in one place on Crowdfunder through a financial passport.

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Getting started

Your Financial Passport

Setting up a financial passport on Crowdfunder is fast and simple. Sign in to your account, fill out the application in the +Extra funding dashboard and submit!

Once completed, you'll be able to view and share your financial passport with social investors.

Create financial passport

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Powerful features to maximise your reach

Simplified access to investment opportunities

Increased visibility with socially-conscious investors

Diverse investment options tailored to specific goals

Transparent communication with investors

Networking opportunities with peers and supporters

Efficiency boost through streamlined processes

Important information held in one place for easy access

Long-term impact through strategic investments

Quick and seamless setup process for added convenience

Ready to go?

Sign in to your crowdfunding profile and start creating your financial passport

If you've not created a Crowdfunder project yet, you can get started here