Passport to Investment

Helping charities and social enterprises easily access social investment for a lasting impact

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About the programme

Passport to Investment is a new programme hosted by Crowdfunder which allows investors to review information about an organisation and its investment needs in an easily digestible format.

Organisations create a Financial Passport which contains all of the key information an investor would expect, combined with live data from a crowdfunding project. The Financial Passport can be shared easily with potential investors, with the organisation retaining control of who gets to view it.

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How it works

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Organisations set up a Financial Passport

After successfully crowdfunding, organisations can sign in to their profile and start creating their financial passport

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Investors explore organisations

Organisations with completed Financial Passports are showcased to interested investors.

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Investors express interest

Social investors identify organisations they are interested in supporting, and request to view their Financial Passport

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Review and share Financial Passport

Organisations review requests, and choose to share their Financial Passport with the social investor.

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Decision process

The social investor and organisation then decide if they want to work together.

Ready to take the next step?

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For social enterprises

Ready to elevate your organisation with the right financial support? Create your financial passport and connect with investors eager to see you thrive.

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For social investors

Register to express your interest in new investment opportunities with our diverse range of socially impactful organisations?