Lion's Den - Mushroom Umami Sauces

by Ollie Hunter in Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Lion's Den - Mushroom Umami Sauces

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We make umami rich delicious Sauces and Condiments from mushrooms which are super nutritious and a planet positive ingredient.

by Ollie Hunter in Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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"I recently bought a Mushroom XO sauce from you. It's amazing... I genuinely can’t live without it!"


The Problem?

We all need to transition to a more plant-based diet in order to lower carbon emissions, revolutionise the agriculture industry and solve the biodiversity crisis.

The Solution!

We need to increase umami in our diets to transition from animal products to plants. Mushrooms are an incredibly planet positive ingredient, efficient to grow, with the most plant-based umami. Lion’s Den converts mushrooms into umami rich Sauces and Condiments increasing flavour in every dish. Inspiring both plant- based diets and omnivores to eat more sustainably.

"Hi - are you still making your incredible XO Sauce and if so, where can I find it? Having massive withdrawals!!"


The Brand

Why are we called Lion's Den? We wanted a powerful exciting character that can lead our umami loving plant based transition. So we chose a lion. A plant-based lion, despite these animals having a reputation for being one of the iconic carnivores in the world. The lion not only signifies the ability that all things on earth can change their habits to make a better one, but also because the mushroom Lion’s Mane is one that we used to grow and has huge recognition in popular culture now for being important for our brains and immune system.         

“The Den” part of the brand comes from our first ambition to grow mushrooms in redundant caves in Hastings. Now it makes people feel they belong to a club of people addicted to umami, flavour and the hidden world of mushrooms.

We use Evie May Adams for our illustrations - she is an incredibly talented artist and brings our lion to life in every way.


The Products

We are launching with 3 products: XO Sauce Original, XO Sesame & Ginger, and XO Chilli. XO is a Hong Kong Sauce packed full of umami but traditionally uses scallops, ham and prawns - we use Shiitake mushrooms for all the umami you need. 

We also have lots of other great products in the pipeline like a Shiitake Relish, Curry Chutney and a Satay Paste.

This is just the beginning, we think we can reach beyond the dry stores and into refrigerated products like burger patties and meatballs, meal kits and children food. Increasing mushrooms in everyone's diet.


"Just wanted to say me and my partner are ADDICTED to your Shiitake Jam."


Who is Lion’s Den?                  

Ollie and Lauren Hunter - We have spent many years setting up sustainable food businesses, winning some of the best awards in the industry for sustainability, and a track record of successful businesses:

  • Most Sustainable Business in Britain - Voted by The SRA
  • Best Organic Eat Out - Voted by Soil Association                            
  • Most Sustainable Hotel - Hotel Cateys Awards
  • Highly Recommended Marie Claire Sustainability Awards
  • Nominated Sustainable Award for Boutique Hotel Awards
  • Author of Award Winning Books on Sustainability, Food and Lifestyle
  • MasterChef Semi-Finalist             

During the first lockdown we became plant-based (having eaten everything), and during this time we soon realised that there are two things that you need to become plant-based 1). Good tasting vegetables, 2). Umami.

On a trip to Snowdon in Wales, we met a mushroom man who grew mushrooms and it was obvious that this ingredient was the future for its umami flavour and planet positivity. 


Why Do We Need To Raise Funds?

We desperately want to launch this product so you can add more deliciousness to your dishes! We believe there's a permanent spot in your dry store cupboard or fridge for a Lion's Den sauce or condiment. We need to raise £10k so we can order our first round of products. All the rewards are great value and there are some golden gems in there as well :) 

Please help Lauren and Ollie get this business off the ground and into your kitchens to help you eat more plants and mushrooms:)


Evie May Adams Illustrations



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£10 Ticket for Fungi Festival at The Beacon

Ticket to enter our Fungi Festival at The Beacon on Saturday 29th June with live music, street food, beer, cocktails, and talks.

£15 or more

3 Lion's Den Sauces

Normally worth £19.50, you'll receive 3 of our delicious game-changing sauces adding umami and deliciousness to your food.

£15 or more

3 x Peanut Spreads - enhanced with Lion's Mane

A delicious and moreish spread, enhance with Lion's Mane mushrooms for a savoury flavour. Perfect on morning toast, added to currys or even as a quick satay sauce.

£20 or more

Chocolate Brownies with Lion's Mane

A tray of plant-based brownies with almonds and dehydrated lion's mane mushrooms which has added health and brain benefits. It's also delicious :)

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2 Festival Tickets

2 tickets to our Fungi Festival!

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Festival Ticket & 3 Lion's Den Sauces

Access to our Fungi Festival and 3 of our amazing sauces.

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6 Lion's Den Sauces

Normally worth £39, you'll receive 6 of our delicious game-changing sauces adding umami and deliciousness to your food.

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Lion's Den Mug

Our lion is the perfect way to wake up in the morning - a branded mug made using Edwards and Locketts fine bone china.

£30 or more

Organic Branded Tote Bag

Organic Cotton Tote Bag with our wonderful Lion taking the main stage. Perfect when you pick a few Lion's Den jars in your local shop :)

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3 Festival Tickets

3 tickets to our Fungi Festival!

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Festival Ticket & 6 Lion's Den Sauces

Access to our Fungi Festival and 6 of our delicious sauces!

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Festival Ticket & Mug

Access to our Fungi Festival and Lion's Den branded mug!

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4 Festival Tickets

4 tickets to our Fungi Festival!

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Cooking Lesson in Hastings

A cooking lesson at The Stade in Hastings with Ollie teaching you about the best plant-based cooking techniques and ingredients. Learn how to cook with more plants, for a better planet and nutrition.

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£120 Plant-Based Hamper

An incredible selection of naughty and delicious delights that you can either feast on with friends or indulge in with someone special. Everything plant-based.

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Pet Portrait by Evie May Adams

A personalised portrait of your beloved pet by Evie May Adams, the incredible illustrator behind all our graphics and branding. They portraits will be 6x6 inches on board, gouache and she can do any type of pet! Examples are at the bottom of the page.

£180 or more

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£180 Hamper Plant-Based with booze

An incredible selection of naughty and delicious delights that you can either feast on with friends or indulge in with someone special. PLUS a special selection of alcoholic drinks. Everything plant-based.

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