Chica’s Chips - vegan, superfood dog treats

by Isabel Whitehurst in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

Chica’s Chips - vegan, superfood dog treats


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At Chica’s Chips, we make superfood dog treats. Healthy, delicious & eco-friendly.

by Isabel Whitehurst in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 27th October 2020 we'd raised £2,875 with 23 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

If we could raise more money we would want to bulk buy our compostable & recyclable packaging, as this reduces the cost per product, and we are able to expand sales faster. 

Chica’s Chips are natural, plant-based, superfood dog treats - packaged in compostable materials, no plastic. 

CHICA is a 7 year old rescue chihuahua who inspired this business making healthy & sustainable dog treats, no compromise on taste. We designed Chica’s Chips to be the best superfood dog treat on the market. We hope that you agree.

...And then COVID hit. This project had to be put on pause for months. Now, we are trying very hard to buck the trend to open a start-up in the current climate. We would be very grateful for any pledge you can give.  

So, what are Chica’s Chips?

They are healthy, plant-based dog biscuits - all wrapped up in compostable packaging. And best of all, they are delicious! Just look at these happy pups below patiently waiting for their yummy treat… 


We only make 100% natural products with human grade ingredients. We have chosen our ingredients based on their potential health benefits and the fact that dogs love the taste! Plus they are low calorie!

  • Sweet potato: (making the ‘chip’) is an excellent source of dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Packed with antioxidants and iron helping aid immunity to disease. They are a good source of heart-healthy Vitamins A and C. 
  • Peanut butter (100% nuts: NO xylitol, NO palm oil): dogs go wild for a lick of peanut butter! These nuts are loaded with protein to support muscle tissue and they contain Vitamin E which may help promote a healthy coat.
  • Organic coconut: powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to support the immune system. Coconut oil is beneficial for dogs’ skin and may help maintain cognitive function. 

And that’s it. Pure, premium superfood. NO fillers. NO grain. NO additives. NO preservatives.

** Many humans have also tested the chips and concur with the dogs as to deliciousness! We’ve even had requests to make extra packets for the owners to snack on! **


Looking after our planet 

Along with taking better care of our dogs diet, we are passionate about looking after the environment too. 

We refuse to be responsible for contributing thousands of additional pieces of single use plastic into the world. Even though it affects the shelf life and increases our costs, we decided to only use packaging made from plants. This means it is compostable so more eco-friendly. 

In addition, according to important studies, including one published in the Science journal, one of the best things that we as humans can do to help the planet is to reduce our consumption of animal products. Here at Chica’s Chips, we believe that we should endeavour to reduce our pets carbon paw prints too. This is why our dog chips are vegan. Most vets state that dogs should receive an omnivorous diet, so the 10% allocated for treats does not need to contain any additional high-impact animal products.       


There are other benefits to these treats too. Did you know that the most common cause of food allergy in dogs is beef? The second and third most common causes are dairy products (including milk) and chicken. Feeding Chica’s Chips helps owners avoid these allergens.      

Learn more about Chica’s Chips by following us on Instagram @chicaschipsuk.

NatWest Match-Funding

We have applied to the ‘back-her-business’ initiative run by NatWest who may match every pound donated. We therefore need at least half the total through public donation BUT the funding will only be given if at least 10 people pledge - and we may be able to receive even more money if at least 50 people pledge. That means the more donations we get, the better. If you can spare even £1 towards our project we would be extremely grateful for your pledge! This is especially so in the current climate – starting a business in the middle of a pandemic is not easy. But we are working very hard to succeed.

The Inspiration and The Entrepreneur 

At the heart of Chica’s Chips is a seven year old rescue chihuahua with a sensitive stomach and a 27 year old woman with a keen business mind. 

Isabel has a law degree and a Master’s (MSc) in law and business. She worked as a lawyer in the City of London but has always had a soft spot for animals and the countryside. So she decided to leave the city and adopt a dog, Chica.

However, not long after joining the family, Chica ended up having to stay at the vets with quite a severe bout of gastroenteritis. Isabel was understandably worried and, as she loves cooking and baking, was inspired to start making her own healthy yet delicious treats to spoil Chica with. This became a passion and the idea then just grew and grew…. 


Chica’s Chips is registered with the required authorities and the workers have the necessary Hygiene and Safety qualifications. 

Where will the donations go?

We would love to create a small factory in the Midlands, UK where we can develop the business and be able to manufacture a range of healthy, guilt-free treats for dogs across the country. We already have premises and have sorted out the product, packaging and design through our own savings. But now we need to create a better, faster production line and kit it out with proper, commercial equipment! 

The money pledged will be used towards:

  • Setting up the production area for more efficient commercial food usage, including bigger and better equipment (low energy dehydrators and commercial mixers) 
  • Invent and develop new recipes and expand the product range. Each new recipe has to be sent off to the laboratory for analysis and testing. 

We would be so grateful for any help you can provide.




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