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The BBN is part of Cephas Williams commitment as seen in his Letter to Zion. The BBN is initially launching as an organising body which will allow black British professionals and the wider black community to have a united voice regarding business and economic advancement in the UK. In response to recent events, many companies have put out statements, action plans and manifestos indicating where they need to change and address a race or 'diversity' issue. The BBN wants to champion a more reflective response as opposed to a reactive one.

The BBN will initially focus its efforts on bringing both executives, decision makers and the wider black community together, to construct a uniquely positioned and unified proposition for systemic change. The proposition will be informed by both black people and industry leading companies. We will collectively formulate targeted actions and measurable outputs with all our ally companies. The BBN will also be a body that can hold everyone accountable as time passes. Allying with the BBN is not to say you are perfect, but to appreciate that nobody is, that we have not got it right yet and to make a commitment to work together to create a better landscape for this generation and generations to come.

Please see our 4 deliverables for year 1 below.

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4 Key Deliverables

Round Table Conversations

For each meeting, we aim to walk away with tangible actions to change our collective thinking, processes, approach and understanding of the black community. To build a better system we must deconstruct the existing framework and understand where it has failed the black community, only then can we have a reflective response as opposed to a reactive response; and use the learning we extract from each meeting to build a better framework/eco system within our organisations and society. 

Black Paper

Informed by the Round Table Conversation, we will work with each company signed up, their black staff and thought leaders in the black community to create a document that can be used as a resource  for companies to focus and develop efforts on how to better serve the black community at all levels. We will look at many things including the employee life cycle, the areas that currently fail the black community and practical steps we need to take to make it better.

Black British Stories

Video series of black people in the community + black employees in ally companies sharing their stories and thoughts on the black experience, past, present and hopes for the future. This will also be informed by the discussions had at the Round Table Conversations and will serve as a way for us to create a library of stories that can educate people and reinforce information that can support change.

Portrait of Black Britain

Cephas Williams has an aim to take a portrait series of black people from across the various ally companies we have on board, as well as black people in the community, in a bid to make more black people visible across the country. The interest is to crystallize and amplify the contributions of black british people in today's society and for this to serve as a creative method to not only make more black people visible but give the next generation and the wider society a holistic picture of black achievements in the UK in the 21st century.

In light of everything surrounding the black community and the wider world, I released 'Letter to Zion' on my birthday, 9th of October. My birthday wish is that you read the letter and support my aims and re-post this website if it connects with you.

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Leaders involved so far

Andrew Denton

Alfa Systems


Paul Polman


Co-founder & Chair

Simon Pegg

Stolen Picture


Phil Thomas


President, Marketing Division and Chairman, Cannes Lions


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Latest messages of support


Diana Lemon 23rd January 2021

I want my grandchildren to live in a world where all people are treated with respect and courtesy.


Leo Koshutova 17th January 2021

Great cause Cephas.


Zeituni Baraka 16th January 2021

I'm so pleased about the awakening of black and minority groups in the UK. We are all part of the global community and it's about time we raise our voices. You have my full support.


David Miller 15th January 2021

Nice work Cephas. Let's make your letter a reality.


Elizabeth Phillip 13th January 2021

Its important to raise awareness


Kat Carswell 9th January 2021

Well done for writing such a positively profound letter to your son. And for sharing it with the world. So well written and says so much of what needs to be said and needs to be heard/read by EVERYONE. Will definitely be sharing. Thank you


Daniel Drozdzewski 8th January 2021

Great effort! Shame about the struggle


Paula Ruane 8th January 2021

looking forward to your work having the impact it deserves


HC 29th December 2020

Love the incredible work you’re doing. There’s many people supporting you from the sidelines - keep going!


Natalie Steer 29th December 2020

I have so many feelings of shame and guilt that this movement has to exist in the first place, but I would like you to know you have my full support and I wish you all the best ☺️


Apay Obang-Oyway 27th December 2020

I am humbled by the letter that accompanies this campaign. The world is entering a new era driven by digital innovation known as the 4th Industrial revolution. The economic benefits of this new industrial age must be inclusive to ensure we realise human prosperity across the globe. The Black community and their Allies need to come together to ensure we participate and are included in this industrial revolution as the consequences of not being included will be devastating. That's why I am keen to support the BBN with resources as best I can.


Juliet Agyemang 27th December 2020

I am here and ready to do my bit. As the mother of black boys, I felt & related to everything you wrote in your letter to Zion. We have to make the change. ❤️

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