Our 4 key deliverables

Roundtable Conversations

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For each meeting, we aim to walk away with tangible actions to change our collective thinking, processes, approach and understanding of the Black community. To build a better system we must deconstruct the existing framework and understand where it has failed the Black community, only then can we have a reflective response as opposed to a reactive response; and use the learning we extract from each meeting to build a better framework/eco system within our organisations and society.

This will be a safe space, for people within the Black community to speak, for leaders of industry to listen, be educated and contribute; and for this shared experience to help mobilise efforts towards making a tangible difference across the board. We can no longer be afraid to speak the truth, but we must speak this truth alongside constructive steps for the future, otherwise we will be in this same position 5 years from now.

As well as Black members of staff and leadership, these discussions will also bring together I&D leads as well as people and talent leads within our ally organisations. We will candidly discuss what has failed and what we need to change and implement to do better.

This forum wants to bring leaders from some of the biggest organisations within the UK/World together and closer to the Black experience, to collectively bring an end to systemic barriers that have held the Black community back once and for all.

The Black Paper

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Informed by the Roundtable Conversation, we will work with each company signed up, their Black staff and thought leaders in the Black community to create a document that can be used as a resource  for companies to focus and develop efforts on how to better serve the Black community at all levels. We will look at many things including the employee life cycle, the areas that currently fail the Black community and practical steps we need to take to make it better.

To do this we will work with executives as mentioned, and on board the adequate D&I leaders and talent teams in each company to co-create a manifesto with actions to be implemented, to make sure that in 10 years time or sooner, the landscape for the Black community in the UK, and within organisations, has changed for the better. We will put all contributing company logos on the document and publish it as a resource for companies across the board to use as a template to further assist with our ambition to help improve the business landscape.

Black British Stories

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Video series of Black people in the community + Black employees in ally companies sharing their stories and thoughts on the Black experience, past, present and hopes for the future. This will also be informed by the discussions had at the Roundtable Conversations and will serve as a way for us to create a library of stories that can educate people and reinforce information that can support change.

The more we are able to raise, the more we can produce, the more stories we can amplify. We will explore different Black people's experiences and journeys. This will be shared across the BBN’s social platforms with plans to position these videos to media companies and amplify further.

Portrait of Black Britain 

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Cephas Williams has an aim to take a portrait series of Black people from across the various ally companies we have on board, as well as Black people in the community, in a bid to make more black people visible across the country. The interest is to crystallize and amplify the contributions of Black British people in today's society and for this to serve as a creative method to not only make more Black people visible but give the next generation and the wider society a holistic picture of Black achievements in the UK in the 21st century.

With your support we want to make this the largest collection of photographs of the Black British population ever done.

We will then tour this exhibition. We will initiate a nationwide billboard campaign to further amplify these portraits and the companies these Black people work within / their contribution to society if they run their own business for example.

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