Community Shares

What are community shares? 

And are they right for you?

Community shares are a way to raise money by offering your community a chance to own shares in your organisation. 

Community shares are usually about more than just profit - they work best for people who want to get involved and support a cause or a project they really care about, often because it has a positive social impact for the community it serves. 

Is there a project in your area – perhaps a pub, the local shop, a housing project, even a wind turbine – that could benefit your community, but needs money to become a reality?

This is where community shares can help. The community can unite to buy shares, and enable the project to become sustainable. 

Community shares don’t have to be large investments, shares can start at £50 or even lower, and people can come together to make an investment.

Community shares have helped groups all over the UK raise millions of pounds by selling shares to their supporters. Now, through the partnership between Crowdfunder and The Community Shares Company it’s easier than ever for you to do the same.

Dave Boyle,

What makes the perfect project?

You need a lot of money

Does your group need substantial capital?

You have plenty of supporters

Do you have a network of people ready to back you?

It's about the community

Are you happy to be owned by the crowd?

Owned by the crowd

Research shows that people often use their savings pots to invest in community shares, because it’s a long-term investment, not a donation.

 This means the average investment in community shares is around ten times higher than what people would normally donate.

It’s important to know that community shares don’t produce dividends for shareholders, but shareholders may get interest payments and their investment might be repaid to them later if the enterprise is doing really well.

Often a community share issue unlocks lots of additional support and help because shareholders have invested and become its greatest advocates – you can create a volunteer army at the same time as raising the money you need!

Community Shares

The Duke is a beautiful, historic pub; a central feature of village life. We wanted it to stay that way.

Is it right for you?

To offer community shares, your group has to be registered as one of the following, but don’t worry if you're not – we’re on hand to help! Get in touch with our experts to find out how.

A community benefit society
Charitable community benefit society
A co-operative society

Get inspired

Glenwyvis distillery image

GlenWyvis Distillery Dingwall, United Kingdom

The Worlds first Community owned Scotch Malt Whisky Distillery, 100% powered by Renewable Energy. Built on history...powered by nature...

Successfully overfunded

  • 2456 supporters
  • £2.5m raised
  • 77 days
'save the craufurd arms' image

'Save the Craufurd Arms' Berkshire

To buy the freehold of the Craufurd Arms from the Wellington Pub Company Plc in order to preserve the pub for future generations.

Successfully overfunded

  • 193 supporters
  • £279.3k raised
  • 39 days

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