Salford Red Devils: A Community-Powered Journey

by Tom Wood | Jan 11, 2024 | Community & citizenship, Equality, Events, Health & wellbeing, Stories

Salford Red Devils: A Community-Powered Journey

In the heart of Salford, the Salford Red Devils celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2023. What makes this milestone even more special is the club’s transformation into a true ‘Community Club’ since 2018, breaking away from a benefactor ownership model that defined its history. This marks not just a reflection on the past but a pivotal moment in building a future where the community holds the reins.

In the spirit of community ownership, the club embarked on a remarkable crowdfunding journey. On June 5, 2023, a collective effort saw the Salford Red Devils successfully raise an impressive £363,770 with the support of 1290 investors in just 42 days. This achievement stands as a testament to the passionate fan base and the vision of a genuinely community-owned Super League club.

The journey began with a commitment to being more than just a rugby team. The Red Devils envisioned themselves as a progressive, sustainable force, not only achieving success on the field but also engaging the community and inspiring the next generation through inclusive role models and opportunities for all. This commitment materialized in the launch of new teams, including the Women’s Team, Physical Disability Team, Learning Difficulty Rugby League Team, and the recent addition of the Wheelchair Rugby League Team. The club’s ethos revolves around being “One Club,” bringing everyone under the same passionate umbrella.

Partnering with the Salford Red Devils Foundation, the club’s impact extends far beyond the stadium. Over 40,000 participants benefited from community programs between 2021 and 2022, showcasing the reach and influence the Red Devils have in promoting health and well-being across Greater Manchester. Their disability program even earned a nomination for the prestigious ITV National Diversity Awards.

The decision to launch a crowdfunding campaign was not just about raising funds; it was about inviting the community to be part of something historic. The vision is clear – to be the only genuinely community-owned club in the Super League. With the successful fundraising, the Red Devils are poised to redefine ownership in elite rugby league.

The funds raised, starting with a milestone of £250,000, will be strategically invested in making the club stronger. From maintaining a competitive playing squad to fulfilling IMG criteria for Super League and investing in commercial growth, marketing, and digital transformation, every pound contributed becomes a building block for the future.

As the club looks ahead, it proudly embraces the moniker of ‘Plucky Little Salford,’ acknowledging past achievements against the odds. Yet, the crowdfunding success signifies a turning point, an opportunity for fans to say, “This is my club, owned by us, the community.” The journey continues, and as the Red Devils embark on the next 150 years, they do so with the community at the heart of every triumph and challenge.

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