Forward enterprise fund

Forward enterprise fund: up to £5,000

Grant match funding and business support for start-up and early stage charities and social enterprises creating jobs for ex-offenders and people in recovery.

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Forward Enterprise Fund

Up to £100,000 to help break the cycle of reoffending and addiction in England

At the Forward Trust, we believe people are capable of transformational change no matter how chaotic their histories. We help people break the cycle of crime and addiction.

Do you have an idea or early stage enterprise to create jobs for ex-offenders or people in recovery? We have up to £100k to support charities and social enterprises that prioritise creating jobs for ex-offenders and people in recovery, two groups mainstream employers are least likely to hire. 

Each eligible projects can access £5k to crowdfund their idea or enterprise. 

This programme is part of a wider initiative called the Forward enterprise fund which provides business support and repayable finance to organisations who share our mission. 

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