Prison officers need your support #HiddenHeroes

by Gethin Jones in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd June 2020 we successfully raised £16,170 with 110 supporters in 28 days

You can help me reduce the pressure on Prison staff. I will create content that will keep residents motivated and help them to rehabilitate

by Gethin Jones in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

I have always had a plan to grow Unlocking Potential

I want to train up and develop those with a lived experience so that they can train professionals who support the most vulnerable within society. 

The extra money would enable me to set up a CIC that will be a foundation within Unlocking Potential. 

This will give those who have left a life of crime to use their life experience to support in many areas

Criminal Justice

Children's Social Care

Adult Social Care

Substance Misuse 


Mental Health 

The list goes on. The foundation will give purpose to those who have lost sight of who they are and what is truly important

You helping me will help so many others. Change is possible and we are all more than our past 

I am going to take rehabilitation to the next level

I am going to create videos of success stories that will be played in every prison cell in the UK. 

HMP Addiewell in Scotland (Sodexo) have already payed me to create 10 videos for their residents (inmates).

Wayout TV who are in 50 Prisons and have agreed to give me airtime to share my content. 

I have also had request from other Prisons who have seen my work. Why?  because they know I can deliver.

The best way to get those in prison to consider change is for them to see the benefit that it will bring them. 

So many people in prison believe they will not be able to create a successful life because of their convictions. 

This is complete rubbish, my videos will break this myth.

My story

I was brought up in the care system and was lost from a very young age. My life and behaviour deteriorated quickly and I received my first criminal conviction at 11 years of age. I was expelled from school at 12 and I was first sent to prison at the tender age of 14. My life spiralled out of control.

Having spent 8 years behind a prison wall, I soon became a dependent heroin user and was unable to hold onto any positive relationships.

I believed that my life would never be worth more than a Prison cell a bag of drugs and a council estate... How wrong I was 

While in prison a gentleman came into the prison and shared his story. I was literally gobsmacked I never believed change was possible for people like me. 

This story gave me hope and was the first step on a journey that changed my life

Today I am a successful business owner. I am educated to degree level. I have worked in local authority. I have supported the most vulnerable within society. I am also a published author ????

How much do I need 

I need a total of £10,000.00 so that I can deliver this project. This page is looking to raise the first £5,000.00 and I will then apply for match funding.

The more you invest the bigger this project can get, this money starts the ball rolling and I want this ball to snowball 


Your money will...

I will be gathering stories of change from across the UK. These will be from people who had were trapped in a life of crime that was impacting themselves and the people around them. 

The stories will share how they changed. What the barriers were, and what life is like for them now. 

I will be getting all of these stories edited professionally so that they can be distributed to all prisons in the UK.

Your money will also help the staff

Every video will share stories of prison staff that made a difference.‘It is not the system that rehabilitates, it’s the individuals that work within it.’ 

Prison Officers (#HiddenHeroes) want to help the residents (inmates) within their care. The biggest issue for staff is engagement. The truth is they live in two different  worlds.

Your money will break down these barriers and start the change process that will benefit the whole of society. 

Your money will 

Locking people up does not keep your communities safe. Rehabilitation does. 

Residents returning to society with an attitude of change no longer commit crime. They no longer create victims. They become valued members of society and positively contribute to their communities.

Thank you for your personal and financial investment to my business  


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