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by Jennifer Reay in Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for my business - we need to raise funds to keep our property and staff

by Jennifer Reay in Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

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On the 5th September 2020 we'd raised £16,518 with 50 supporters in 69 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I founded Get Badged to support my community. As a local young woman, living in a community in a region with a disproportionately high unemployment rate with too many people in precarious work, I wanted a way to invest in both our local young people's futures and also our local people that are struggling to secure employment. Get Badged is initially aimed at training up local residents, predominantly in the events industry - whilst industry-specific courses such as SIA and NVQ's in Spectator Safety are available, all of the courses on offer teach skills that are transferable in to other places of work and so the idea of this training is to boost employability and provide scope for local businesses to reduce their costs by not having to outsource contracts and, instead, keeping their staffing needs in-house and local. Some broader courses on offer would cover first aid, health and safety and conflict resolution. My long-term vision is to be able to provide fully inclusive adult education. This will include courses like Health and Safety awards and functional skills. 

Get Badged is a fledgling company but, within 6 months of our incorporation, we had initially secured several long term contracts. Unfortunately due to social distancing restrictions and Public Health England advice, none of our contracts could start as planned, leaving us with no income but painful overheads to maintain our property and our staff who, due to their start dates, were frustratingly ineligible for the Job Retention Scheme to be furloughed.

Our property will cost us £750 a month and our staffing costs more than double that. Due to the terrible timing, we are ineligible for any government support and the property we share is ineligible for support. Although staff started in February, the RTI submission on staff members did not happen in time to make us eligible for furlough. People had already left jobs to come and work with us so our ability to pay them is paramount.

We have a lot of equipment still to purchase for when we run our first courses; a cost we can't even begin to tackle yet. 

The business is viable and our contracts are still valid but that will end if we can't stay in business long enough to start.  

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