Black Lives Matter UK

Black Lives Matter UK has teamed up with Crowdfunder to launch a national campaign against systemic racism and pervasive injustice, in support of black lives. We at Crowdfunder stand behind those who are tackling society’s challenges and are inspired by those speaking out and fundraising to make change happen.

The organisation has curated the projects below to shine a light on some of the issues that need to be tackled in our society, if social justice is to be achieved for the black community. If you want to get your voice heard and support individuals and organsations fighting for social justice, please do what you can to support them. Together we can make change happen.

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Fighting for justice through crowdfunding


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United families and friends

The United Families & Friends Campaign came together in the mid 1990s when a number of family campaigns such as those of Joy Gardner, Brian Douglas, Ibrahim Sey, Harry Stanley and Roger Sylvester decided to work on a common platform. Many individuals and organisations supported them. Since then many others have joined the national network.

We need support for our campaigning work to highlight death in custody cases to help families of victims organise and work collectively.

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