BlackLivesMatter - LGBTIQ People Seeking Asylum

by African Rainbow Family in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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by African Rainbow Family in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

BlackLivesMatter - including those of LGBTIQ People Seeking Asylum: #TakeTheKnee

Covid-19 Pandemic relief for LGBTQIA People

The brutal and inhumane killing of George Floyd by the police in America has sprung protests nearly all over the world including the UK. This has led to people of all colour to demand justice, equality and human rights for Black people. This sadly includes LGBTIQ people seeking asylum. The use of force, stop and search, and the disproportionate use of Coronavirus fines for Black people in the UK is astonishing. - #BlackLivesMatter! #TakeTheKnee 

LGBTIQ people seeking asylum are inclusive of the BAME community that has been disproportionately affected by the number of deaths from Covid-19. Some die in detention centres and on the flights during deportation back to their persecutors. LGBTIQ people seeking asylum can't breath!! This is unacceptable!!!

During these difficult and uncertain times, it is especially imperative that LGBTIQ people seeking asylum and refuge are well supported due to their added vulnerability. However, this Covid-19 pandemic also means that many of them will end up having no food, no daily essentials, no medication and no phone credits to speak to their loved ones and maintain a positive mental health including becoming homeless.

We believe that BlackLivesMatter and these include the lives of LGBTIQ people seeking asylum.

Your generous donation will help us to deliver our continuous support to protect LGBTIQ people seeking asylum in the UK from inhumane and undignified ways they are treated by the unaccountable UKBA officers and detention centres guards. This way, we take the knees off their necks so they can breathe!

We will also be able to provide £30 weekly, in food and daily essentials, and provide £10 monthly phone credits to one vulnerable LGBTQI+ person seeking asylum and refuge. This is to ensure they adhere to self isolation, social distancing and still have access to food, medication, daily essentials and maintain a positive mental health during this stressful and scary time.

Please chip in to save a life!

People seeking asylum have been significantly affected by the brutality and systemic racism that is endemic in the immigration institution. Most of whom are detained in detention centres, treated like animals and even physically and mentally abused by the guards that are suppose to care for them. They are disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as most of them have underlying compromised health conditions and need self isolation. They live in crowded section 4 accommodation with only £37 weekly income which was only increased to £39.60 weekly by the Home Office this week, and are unable to buy basic goods supplies and foods due to increase in prices at their corner shops. Many others have no recourse to public fund (NRPF): do not get any financial support at all and are destitute without accommodation.

In light of COVID-19, we are raising vital funds to support all of our LGBTQIA+ friends and family at African Rainbow Family, a registered Charity (Reg. number: 1185902) with nearly 500 members across the UK. We have been providing food parcels, phone credits for online social meetings for about 80 most vulnerable of our members through generous grants but want to reach more members who need support in our London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds branches.

African Rainbow Family works tirelessly to support our vulnerable members and envision for A World Without Prejudice. Please spread the word to anyone who can help and to make donations for our members that are disproportionately affected at this time.

Let's help our LGBTIQ community friends to put food on their table and access basic necessities!

We are appealing to all our friends and supporters, if you can, kindly support LGBTQIA+ African Rainbow Family people seeking asylum and refuge.

All donations made would go directly to: African Rainbow Family,

We know it's a difficult time for everyone right now so even if you have a very small donation, or if you are able to share this with your friends and networks, we'd really appreciate it.

If you would like to make a bank transfer donation please contact African Rainbow Family at: [email protected].

For any questions about this fundraiser or how else you can get involved in African Rainbow Family, please contact us here or find out more at:


Email: [email protected]

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