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Help us plant trees in Eastbourne to combat climate change and enrich our environment!

by Plant Your Postcode in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

Everybody Loves Trees…

And no wonder - they not only look beautiful, but research shows they lower your blood pressure and stress levels, and boost your mental health.

They filter dirt and pollution from the atmosphere. They provide shade, prevent flooding and soil erosion. They are habitats for a multitude of wildlife.

And as they grow, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping us in our battle against climate change.

Let’s Turn Eastbourne Green!

1596197105_eastbourne_view_by_adam_rose.jpgEastbourne Eco Action Network aims to turn Eastbourne carbon neutral by 2030 and make it one of the best places to live in the UK. To do this, we want to turn our town green by doubling or even trebling the coverage of carbon-capturing trees and plants over the next 10 years.

We’re kicking off a massive programme of planting projects, and we’re targeting both public and privately owned land across the town. Parks, streets, verges, roundabouts, gardens, open spaces and derelict wasteland, even in the sea!

We’ll create more street trees and, in parks, as well as fruit and other trees, we’ll plant hedges, shrubs and wildflowers, and build wildlife habitats to attract birds, bats, lizards and other animals.

We have plans in motion for planting and regenerating public open spaces in the town, as well as for sprucing up Eastbourne Station, and we’re setting up widescale programmes of planting in school, church and hotel grounds, as well as a campaign to encourage everyone in Eastbourne with a garden to plant a tree. You can find out more here

Growing Our Own

1596197163_gildredge_park_by_adam_rose.jpgBut mature trees are expensive, so as well as buying trees, we're looking for land right across the borough that we can use to grow our own trees. We'll plant seeds and saplings, and bring them on until they're strong enough to go out into the town and enrich your environment.

How Can You Help?

The more we raise, the more trees we can plant.

Even with our volunteers doing all the work, our projects will still cost money. Above all, we need to buy trees – as well as hedges, shrubs, wildflower seed and wildlife boxes – and equipment to prepare the ground, plant and protect. We’ll need to pay for watering and maintenance, and to lease land for our tree nurseries. And to run our campaigns that target planting on privately owned land.

What’s more, East Sussex County Council are offering match-funding to support the project. For the first £1000 raised towards this work, the county council will match that with £1000, so every £1 donated is worth £2!

And if we can raise £2500 they could double that up to £5000 - enough to plant an extra acre of woodland!

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And if you’d like to join us, and be a part of this exciting future for Eastbourne, contact us or email carboncapture@ecoactioneb.co.uk 


Thank you!


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