Visors for front line medical staff and key worker

by Simon Clarke in Dorking, England, United Kingdom

Visors for front line medical staff and key worker


raised in 440 days



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive delays in getting essential PPE to our front line medical staff, we are making visors to help them

by Simon Clarke in Dorking, England, United Kingdom

So... we completed 6500 the other day... today....
11000Yes 11000!!
BUT.... the big thing here is..
20000between the 11000 we have produced and everyone printing in the team we have hit over 20000 3D printed and over 1000 laser cut visors delivered to NHS and key workers!
Tomorrow we have a batch of approx 1500…

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6500As of today... we have made and given out (some are being collected tomorrow morning) just over 6500 visors. On Friday evening it was 4200..
We are now running up to 14 printers at any one time.
Tomorrow I’ll be collecting some visors from others who have been printing which will give…

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So over the last 2 days we have given out another 700 visors. Grand total for Hannah and I - 3600. 
Today we have shipped visors all over the country to people! 
Our immediate order list is at a steady 1500 visors. With approx another 5000 visors needed elsewhere!
We are hoping to…

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So busy day again! 10 printers running... few teething issues but we are almost over them.
200ish visors ready and another 60 ish before we go to bed. 100 went out to Northwick Park hospital and much needed areas around the hospital.
20 to care homes in dorking today.

We have a new…

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I don’t half grab project by the horn and run with things.... our poor dining room tomorrow will have over 10 3D printers in it.... printing approx 500 visors a day.

This week I’ve collected 100 off of another printer Jez you legend! These along with all that we have printed…

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