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£30,000 match funding for 10 planet positive projects in Cornwall

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We’re encouraging green initiatives to let us know what ​they’re doing in response to the climate emergency and how crowdfunding will play its part​.

Ten successful entries will be chosen to win a share of £30,000 in match funding (up to £5,000 per project) from Cornwall Council to go towards a crowdfunding campaign.

We want to hear from individuals, groups and organisations who are tackling Cornwall's climate emergency head-on and inspiring others in their endeavour to do so!

We’re ready to #BackTheFuture in Cornwall. Are you?

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See the eligibility criteria for more information

Key dates

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10 June - 15 July

Call for entry

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23 July

Successful entrants notified

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26 July

Coaching begins

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30 August

Crowdfunding live

How the funding works

The £30,000 match funding will be split into two funding pots. £10,000 will be ring-fenced to ensure all ten successful projects receive £1,000 match funding, subject to hitting milestone one.

The remaining £20,000 match funding will be available on a first come, first served basis to the ten successful projects subject to hitting milestones two and three outlined below.


Milestone one

Raise £1,000 from at least 30 supporters, receive a £1,000 pledge.


Milestone two

Raise a further £1,500 from the crowd (total amount raised £3,500), receive a £1,500 pledge.


Milestone three

Raise a further £2,500 from the crowd (total amount raised £7,500), receive a £2,500 pledge.

Tell us your idea

Entries close on Thursday 15 July at 7pm


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If your project doesn't have a name yet, add the name of the organisation or group behind the project.

Is your project based in Cornwall?

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Tell us about your planet positive Crowdfunder project, what you will be raising the money for and how it meets the eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria can be found here

How much are you looking to raise from a Crowdfunder?

Want to find out more about #BackTheFuture?

Crowds of people around the world gather in their millions to stand up for what they believe in. We stand with those who seek to find solutions to the world's greatest challenges.

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