Social Fitness Quests that Improve Mental Health!

by TANATU in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help us build a Mental Health Positive TRIBE! Get Fit, Find Friends, Feel Supported, have FUN! Together we can change the world!

by TANATU in London, England, United Kingdom

We want to build a tribe of people who work together to make the world a better place!

A superhero team who get together to battle the world's problems - to defeat depression, battle isolation, become strong and healthy, build a culture of helping and accepting other people - to help yourself by helping others... 

and we want YOU to be a part of it!




...back to the info! Please take some time to look around and consider joining the TANATU TRIBE!

Our INCA Event Team preparing for the first Street Therapy Run!

TANATU means "me and you". It stands for putting others before yourself. It means 'equality'. It sounds like "we're all in this together". It's a word for a movement centered around helping and accepting other people for who they are. It's a name for what we do and how we do it.

Participants receiving some coaching on giving out free high fives!

For the last two years we have been building the first Tanatu tribe in London, but we want to reach much further in the future! - watch the video above for our FULL STORY! Our leadership team is currently made up of 10 people and we have approx 40 people in our extended community, but now we want to reach a MUCH larger audience! How do we want to do that? GLAD YOU ASKED!...

We want to run exciting, secret, gamified, fitness improving, social, quest-based events that make a difference!

- We've got a MASSIVE head-start on our events, having recently created and run our first STREET THERAPY event (see the event trailer video below for a flavour of what it's all about!)

- Our events are designed to improve the world in small and simple ways, and to be fun, teamwork-based challenges that make you feel great! - To help yourself by helping others

- We have hundreds of other event ideas that we are developing in detail, to cater for all sorts of people and personalities, and for all levels of confidence and fitness

- We want to run our events WEEKLY or MONTHLY to create real change, both in our wider community and for the people who are taking part

Footage from the first of our Street Therapy Run events

We want to build a strong, tight community of real people

- We want to create a tribe of like-minded people who SUPPORT each other and TRAIN together to become stronger and healthier

- Making new friends, meeting people like you, being yourself, being accepted for who you are, all of these things are often lacking in people's lives

- We want to run regular tribe events for fitness, discussion, learning, tasty food eating and social time!

We want to create a collection of FREE, life changing online resources

- Survival videos to help our tribe members deal with issues such as anxiety or depression

- Skill learning videos, such as Cookalongs that teach people how to make simple, fast, healthy and TASTY meals in real time

- Q&As and content featuring the community

- And we have many more ideas!...

POWER STARS! Participants can choose whether they wear the same face spots as their event team

Why do we need this?

We started building Tanatu when we realised three important truths about the modern world;

- Lots of people want to help but they don't know how

- Lots of people feel isolated

- Lots of people suffer from anxiety or depression

Most common treatments for these problems either help you simply identify what the problems are or try to cover up the effects, but what are the causes? What are people missing and what do people need to feel HAPPY?

- Feeling like you belong to something or belong somewhere

- Having a purpose or feeling like you have a reason to BE

- Being healthy and strong and having the skills to look after yourself and others

- Finding a way to be social and to have FUN - having a community, feeling supported, finding friends

Limited edition BACKERS ONLY Tanatu Logo Tee! Organic cotton, sweatshop-free, hand printed in London

We want to create a community that goes some way to providing these fundamental human needs - tribal needs! We intend to do this in the following ways;

- Create challenges and quests for our members to take part in that make a real difference in the world

- Build a community that accepts and supports people and whose members train together to become stronger, more connected and better at completing our quests

- Provide teaching and sharing of life skills such as cooking, to take care of yourself and others

Lots of smiling faces! - Our warmups wake up the body AND the mind

We think big

Over the last two years we have made huge progress and we're starting to see something really special happening here;

- We've done a massive amount of testing and experimenting to understand what people are missing, what they need and how to implement that

- We designed and ran our first event and it was an enormous success!

- We have a fledgling community who are extremely keen to get on board to make this idea fly

- We have a plush website and a great start on creating our catalog of online resources

Together we can change the world

We have a beautiful, enthusiastic, dedicated team of real people who want to change the world in small but important ways. With your support we can take our Tanatu ethos and reach thousands more!

Free high fives ready to land on the Underground! Participants are supported throughout the event

How will the money be spent?

- Organising and running our events and regular meetups - equipment, travel costs and insurance

- Advertising our events so that people can discover us - using services such as Meetup or Facebook

- Creating our online resources, such as video series on learning life skills and survival series, such as dealing with anxiety or depression

Is Tanatu a business?

Absolutely not - Tanatu is firmly a not-for-profit exercise and is administered personally by founder Ben Roper. We are a group of people who share a desire to make the world a happier place. All proceeds and donations go directly into furthering that desire.

The Street Therapy tribe heading out on another mission!

I can't donate but I still want to help!

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